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PALIGHT® Digital

Static-Free Flat Foamed PVC Sheet for Digital Printing


PALIGHT Digital’s unique manufacturing formula is static free. It therefore enables true production printing without additional runs due to poor quality caused by static electricity. With PALIGHT Digital you can print even the smallest fonts and graphics with high-definition crispy details. The whiteness of PALIGHT Digital provides excellent color reproduction and the smooth, uniform surface quality helps you make the most of your large format printer.

Main Benefits

Unique static free formula enables crisp details
Smooth and uniform surface for smooth gradations and homogenous area cover
Uniform sheet thickness for better ink adhesion and increased service period
Bright white color yields wider color gamut and accurate color imaging
Rigid and lightweight - easy to use even in the most creative and unique sign & graphics applications
High resistance to chemicals and low water absorption
Complies with the highest safety requirements
PALIGHT® Digital meets US & EU recycling requirements

Typical Applications

Direct digital printing
Points of purchase (P.O.P) and displays
Exhibition graphics
Sign & display in corrosive environments
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