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Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


PALSUN combines ultra-high impact resistance with clarity, making it the material of choice for demanding applications. PALSUN is virtually unbreakable, yet it is transparent as glass at less than half its weight. PALSUN can be cold bent and easily fabricated and formed, making it ideal for barrel vault roofing, skylights, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear, translucent and opaque PALSUN sheets are also ideal as machine guards, sound barriers, anti-vandal and safety glazing. PALSUN Diffuser and LB sheets are extensively used in durable light boxes.

Main Benefits

High impact resistance - virtually unbreakable
High clarity and light transmission
Weather and UV resistant
Wide service temperature range
Blocks harmful UV radiation
Good acoustical insulation
Easy to handle and install
Versatile, formable, and machinable

Typical Applications

Architecture: ƒƒTransparent acoustic barriers, ƒƒSport venues, ƒƒSkylights, ƒƒShopping centers, ƒƒCovered walkways
Construction: ƒƒSun rooms and conservatories, ƒƒPergolas and covered patios
Safety and Security Glazing: ƒƒSafety glazing, machine guards, ƒƒBus stops and telephone booth
ƒƒShields for police and security forces, ƒƒGlazing in public transportation, ƒƒSafety windshields for cars, ƒƒEye protection visors for helmets
Sign & Display: ƒƒSigns, public sign guards, ƒƒDisplays, P.O.P stands, ƒƒIlluminated signs, light fixtures
Fabrication: ƒƒThermoformed, vacuum formed, bent and fabricated items
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