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Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet with Anti-Condensation


SUNLITE® Plus combines high light transmission, excellent weather resistance and a special Condensation & Drip Control function required for healthy plant growth or for humid public spaces such as covered swimming pools and spas. It provides an optimal cultivation environment for agricultural greenhouses. The tough Multiwall Polycarbonate structure and low weight reduce the cost of the supporting structure. Shatterproof Polycarbonate coupled with integrated UV resistant co-extruded layer yields long service periods backed up by a 10 year limited warranty.

Main Benefits

Reduces condensation and drip
Greater light transmission during low light periods
Transparent: up to 80% light transmission
UV protection on one or both sides
Blocks 99.9% UV radiation
High thermal insulation
Impact resistant: virtually unbreakable
Easy to work with and install

Typical Applications

Garden centers
Swimming pools
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