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From the Desk of Palram’s VPMarketing - Is the plastics

world losing its mind?

As V.P of Marketing of a Global manufacturing company, which has a worldwide presence, I captured a rather challenging situation

of the plastics field.

Resin pricing fluctuations, compared to a steady growth in demand are evidence of a positive recovery from the 2008 crisis. On the

flip side of this trend are manufactures struggling to maintain their market shares or are either reducing their operations or selling at

cost, just covering operational expenses.

We are only at the end of Q1 2016, but can already indicate that this will be an interesting year. Increased demand indicates that

stagnation can’t be indefinitely maintained and that the market is returning to a state of active consumption and reasonable demand.

I am more than convinced that you, Palram’s customers and partners, will know how to take advantage of these opportunities, and

to improve your market activities and positioning.

Within Palram, we are busy with preparations for the K-2016“Plastics Olympics”. We have been developing new products and solutions

to meet new and growing market requirements. We expanded our web-based communication channels and capabilities, allowing

us to showcase Palram to a wider customer-base as well as to improve interaction, engagement and experience. We are of course

maintaining our active involvement with the various trade shows relevant to Palram’s global business portfolio, in construction,

advertising, agriculture and safety glazing.

Palram’s entry into the DIY segment in several markets opened a new world for us and allowed us to better understand end-user

customers and the associated market requirements. This process also enabled us to continuously improve our customer service and

support efforts. I trust that we all will make best use of these insights.

I wish you all a successful year in business, growth and continued development.

Hanoch Goldman – V.P Marketing