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2016 Budma Poland Trade Fair

Piotr Pniewski, Sales Manager Poland

February was a busy month for Palram Poland. We had a booth at the 2016 Budma Building Trade Fair and presented the new Suntuf

sheets and Suntuf Insulated panel system.

Palram’s main focus at this event was to show the new and fantastic possibilities that can be reached by combining the new Suntuf

sheets and Suntuf Insulated Panel System.

Our team at the trade show includedmyself,

RotemZoref, Jonathan Hemsi and Igal Sunik

from Palram Headquarters. We were very

busy during the trade show’s 4 days andmet

with past, new and potential customers. This

provided us with the opportunity to follow

up on completed projects and to discuss

planned ones as well.

The 2016 Budma Trade Fair was Palram’s

first trade show in Poland as an exhibitor.

Our participation allowed us to provide

additional technical support as well as

marketing information to decision makers

and to establish new contacts in Poland.

PALRAM’s Exhibitions

FESPA Amsterdam 2016 Summary

| Omer Shoham

FESPA 2016 was a great & positive event with record attendance at Palram’s booth. This

was the 10th anniversary of FESPA and Palram’s presence at the fair was much more

pronounced as part of our strategy to engage many more visitors and potential customers.

The Palram booth generated quite a lot of interest, even more than we initially expected,

justifying the resources invested in the project. Our visitors enjoyed Palram’s booth fun

activity – tablet based gaming challenges – and received complementary awards for their

participation. As always, Palram cooperated with leading printer manufactures such as EFI &

HP. They demonstrated highly advanced printing capabilities and used Palram’s PALIGHT®

Print sheets as the media to showcase true to life results. Many printing professionals

attending the fair were highly impressed and ordered free sample kits to test on their

own printers. Omer Shoham, Palram’s Graphics Business Manager, summarized our FESPA

2016 experience: “This was a very successful event for Palram. We re-demonstrated our

market leadership in regards to product quality and in our technological and logistic

capabilities in supporting our customers”