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Palram Campus

| Adam Buchbut

“G-Value”is the common Europan term for“Solar Heat Gain Coefeiant (SHGC)”, which is used in the U.S.A & Austraila. The term describes

the overall Radation value which is UV +Visual Light + IR that is transmitted thorugh the material directly. A panel’s“Shading Coefficient”

is essentially the ratio between the SHGC, or G-Value” of that panel and that SHGC of clear 3mm glass (a constant value of 0.87).

The importance of the “G-Value” and “Shading Coefeciant” for us at Palram is in the uderstanding of how different light transparent

panels (ours and others) function in different environmets and to relate to benefits and customer requirements. As a general rule, a

higher G-Value will provide better value in cooler locations while panels with lower G-value will perform better in warmer locations.

Insulated Roof Lights Under Development For

Corrugated Insulated Roofs

| Jonathan Hemsi

Palram is now in the process of developing Insulated Roof Lights for Corrugated Insulated Roofs. We recently installed a pilot project

at a Texas site and received positive reviews from the installers. They reported to us that the installation process was quick and easy

for them to perform.

The Insulated roof lights concept provides an easy solution for corrugated roofs by offering flexibility in terms of profile shape, thickness

and also U-Value.  The panels contribute to conservation of energy and improve the quality of the working environment

Palram’s Polycarbonate Products Receive French


Palram recently expanded the range of Polycarbonate products meeting the French certification known as Avis Technique. After

certifying Suntuf corrugated sheet last year, a certificate is now also available for SUNLITE Multiwall sheet, which expands Palram’s

ability to participate in French tenders and opens up new & additional business prospects.