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Introduction - The Project Support Team

| Tamir Horesh

Palram Projects is a newly formed department within Palram, whose task is to strengthen Palram’s presence in large architectural

projects. In fact, Palram has already accumulated an impressive portfolio of projects over the last two decades, including commercial

centers, transportation terminals, sports facilities, industrial structures, and agricultural buildings.

The new Palram Projects Department will create awareness of Palram’s wide range of products among the architectural community.

We will give the architects the tools and knowledge required to specify Palram’s products in their designs. Our aim is to educate the

market about the benefits of polycarbonate and PVC, when compared to other alternatives such as glass, GRP and metal. Moreover,

Palram Projects will focus on the holistic solution for each project, which often includes innovative complementary accessories and

above all our consulting services in the fields of civil engineering, design and material science.

We are confident that throughPalramProjects’

efforts, we will create higher demands for

Palram’s products in this sector; and by that,

both Palram and its customers will profit. We

urge all Palram customers to contact us for

technical and marketing support through

our email


Tal Furman

Chief Engineer

Omri Kamma

Project Information


Tamir Horesh

Head of Palram


Alexey Panfilov



PALRUF® (DURASHIELD) Installed in Fertilizer Plant

Nick D’Angelo

Attached are photos of a Fertilizer Plant – a large Australian Project.

Stage 1 - Durashield Industrial Rib 2mm Beige Project (approx. 7500 m


). The pictures

were shot while on site discussing stage 2 of project requirements.

Palram secured stage 2 and will likely continue ongoing works for project completion for

next 5-6 years of re-cladding (possible 6-7 stages as they need operations to continue

during re-clad). The project is using our Durashield product. Approx. 8000 m


per stage.

Non-corrosion was the key Unique Selling Point along with product durability over time

(maintenance of sheeting discussed and programs put into place for this to happen). Pricing/

Market rates were also important but not discussed until product testing/information had

been gathered. Some internal testing on the Durashield was also completed.

In the past, both Metal and 3660gsm fiberglass were used as standard roofing materials

for previous re-clads.Whitfert Fertilizer Is another project going through stage re-clads

here in WA using our Durashield products.