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Remembering Rob Findhammer

I first met Rob some 10 years ago duringmy first large project in Australia, buildingmulti colored acrylic acoustic

walls. Rob started off with this project as an independent consultant tasked to locate the acrylic supplier for

this amazing project. Following several meetings with us, he chose Palram. We very quickly identified Rob

as “Mr. Plastic”. He turned out to be much more than an experienced sales person, with a real passion and

understanding in plastics. He had a deep knowledge of the field and could select the right product for relevant

market applications. This understanding promoted our decision to recruit Rob as Palram’s representative for Benelux, which at the

time was in need of exactly such a boost. Due to Rob’s excellent connections and understanding of the Benelux market, business was

doubled in one year ! Since then, Rob - together with his partner- Jacco, produced steady and continuous growth for this market.

We will remember Rob as the personification of the typical Dutchman. Outspoken and direct when the situation required it, yet a

sensitive, sweet, generous person, with a unique humorous side to him. Whenever one met Rob it was more than evident that he liked

to live life to the fullest. He liked to listen to and play music and shared his love with all who surrounded him. During the countless

staff meetings it was Rob who always presented his stories with a smile, made us laugh with his jokes during company gatherings.

Rob presented his opinions with candor and did not hold back when offering professional critique, when asked, as to our products or

market functions. We did not always fully appreciate these comments when first presented to us, but in many cases his observations

turned out to be correct, with his comments hitting the nail on the head.

Sailing was his passion. All of those who were in direct contact with Rob shared his boating experiences. Every new acquisition, every

high seas experience. Of course we were always happy to visit the pier and the boat whenever we came to Holland. It was very obvious

that sailing was his home away from home, only second to his wife Annette (and what a gracious wife she was to him).

We were thunderstruck by the saddening news of Rob’s passing away. We lost a professional colleague, a friend who was very good

at listening, thinking out of the box, full of knowledge and happy to voice his opinion and offer advice. To top it all up his lifelong

passions of sailing and music. No doubt that the name Rob Findhammer will continue echoing through Palram’s hallways for many

years to come.