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The Variety & Blend

Noam was gifted with many complementing professional and personal aspects, all building up

to his unique value added capabilities.

Within the Marcom department, Noam was responsible for the copy writing, presentations and

operating all of Palram’s websites. He also designed and provided artwork for the various publications

and markets with practically all of the Marcom’s outcome being processed by him: including

writing and editing the “Palram News” over the last few years.

Noam is a treasure trove of historical knowledge for the company and its products. Thanks to him

all is fully documented to remain accessible in the future as well. His caring and supportive manners

were felt his colleagues and were directed towards community support and volunteer projects.

Habitat, Process & Milestones

Noam started at Palramduring high school as a maintenance worker and later joined full time in 1991.

In 1996 he was in charge of Raw Materials and in 1999 was promoted to an administrator at the PVC

production line till 2000.

The advancement process continued with Noambeing promoted to Assistant to Local Market Manager

in 2002 and promoted again in 2004 to Marcom & Creative. Like good wine, Noam improved with

age and time and by 2016 he was more than ready to move on.


Priceless !


1974, Kibutz Ramat Yochanan, Israel. A communal agricultural and industrial community

in the Northern Coastal Plain. His parents were part of the agricultural workforce. Noam’s

brothers, Motty & Ron and sister Sigal also work at Palram HQ, in various management &

operational functions.

Best accompanies with

Noam’s hobbies and past time activities include playing and listening tomusic, road trips, sampling

restaurants and coffee shops. We at Palram enjoyed listening to his tales and benefited from his

experience in organizing company events, and even during our daily interaction with him.



Tel: +972 4 8459900

Fax: +972 4 8444012


Tel: +44 1302 380777

Fax: +44 1302 380778


Tel: 610 2859918

Fax: 610 2859928

Palram Employee Spotlight on…

Noam Dinstag – Marcom & Creative

A brief introduction is in order here. Noam, who was an integral member of the PalramHQ

Team for 11 years is transferring to Palram Applications take charge of Digital Marketing.

Noam’s dedication to his work at Palramwas his attention to details, which is also reflected

in his personal hobby - a deep appreciation & love for fine wines, wineries and the wine

culture as a whole. Keeping true to his line of “work”, Noam published a wine culture

website named “Feinschmecker” (foodie or gastronome in German) where he discusses

the various virtues of wines and provides reviews and recommendations. Keeping true to

his style Noam’s Spotlight and Palram HQ sendoff will have the look and feel, and good

taste we hope, of a wine and dine review.

Dear Noam, All of us would like to wish you the best of success at Palram Applications.