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Life @ Palram

| Lea Kotler - Human Resources V.P.

Palram’s employees are essentially its most important & significant asset. As such, we

invest a great deal into not just their professional training but also into their general &

personal well being.

Our program deals with Employee Health issues as well. Each of the participating regions

(Americas, UK & Israel) has various employee well being and health improvement programs.

The key message here is that the company cares about its workforce, their health and

welfare. As such, Palram sees this as a very appropriate function to invest resources in.

The various programs focus on the following: exercises and physical activity that can be

done at the office or in the park, healthy nutrition, reducing or quitting smoking cigarettes

and lectures about self-realization, etc.

Palram’s employee feedback has been very positive and the participants were happy to

discuss and learn about these subjects, contributing to everyone’s well being and health.




Regional Markets

| Israel Ozeri, Local Market

A new initiative at Palram HQ & Local Market – Palram Installers

The local market (Israel) and Palram HQ have identified a market requirement which was

not fully addressed at an organizational level: A company sponsored Orientation program

for Field Installers (i.e. customers or contractors associated with them). The program

includes the following subjects:



A workshop and seminar for installers of Palram products.



New products were introduced to them (Louvers, SUNTUF X, SUNTUF BH).



Palram’s Marketing Support and Project Support Team instructed the installers on how

to properly install the various products. Q&A, hands on instruction and solutions for

issues from the field.

Our future plans for this program include promotional campaigns both in the field and

via Palram’s website, promoting the CertificationWorkshop and raising customer, installer

and end user awareness to the importance of utilizing only qualified installers.