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South America – Santiago, Chile


Gabriel Priven, South America

Palram is on track in Santiago, Chile. We supplied approximately 8,000 sqm (86,000 sq. ft.)

of SUNPAL 18mm for skylights in a train garage for a newmetro line. The massive project

is still being constructed and is expected to become operational by end of 2017.

The project specified a leak-free, thermally insulated, easy and quick to rapidly installed

solution. We provided a skylight solution that would met all of these requirements,

Palram’s SUNPAL panels.

Additionally, The active participation of Palram’s Chilean distributor-partner’s was very

important to this project, as the panels were cut-to-size at his location and then sent to

the site.

Last but not least, the white ice panels make a perfect match with the spectacular

background of the snowed-capped Andes range.

PALCLAD PRO HYG Projects - Success Story in India

Tushar Karangia - General Manager, Palram India

It has been just a year since PALCLAD Pro HYG was introduced in India, and it is now a success story. We have numerous installations

in the Indian healthcare industry, either already completed or in the pipeline.

We installed approximately 142 operation theaters and rooms, many of them in major regional hospitals. Palram’s partner for the

PALCLAD PRO HYG project is HANSRAJ NAYYAR MEDICAL INDIA. Some of the Hospitals included in the PALCLAD Pro HYG project are:

• SS Hospitals, Bangalore.

Palram installed 14 theaters with antimicrobial PVC cladding as well as clean rooms such as cath labs, labor

rooms and IVF areas.

• Vydehi Hospital, Bangalore

is a large teaching hospital. We converted their male ICU ward into 7 theatres. In their sterile corridor we

used standard Palclad sheets with digitally printed pictures.

• Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

had problems of cracks developing in the walls and of seepage of moisture in all seventeen

theatres. All their walls are being levelled with epoxy sealants and cladded with PALCLAD PRO HYG. Additionally, twelve bone marrow

transplant rooms and ICUs, corridors and restrooms were installed with PALCLAD PRO

HYG as well.

• Hansraj

has widened its scope in hospitals by offering to clad standard Palclad sheets

in corridor areas offsetting the accepted trend of tiles. In the short period of less than

12 months, we have fabricated 138 clean rooms in the private sector.

• Healthways Hospital, Goa.

Seven surgical theatres andmultiple ICUs are being fabricated

in Ocean Blue, Grape Green & Beige.

• Ayursundra Hospital, Guwahati.

We are fabricating seven theatres, catheterization labs

and corridors from the ground up in Grape Green. The ICUs are being cladded with

standard Off White sheets.

Our future plans for this program include promotional campaigns both in the field and

via Palram’s website, promoting the CertificationWorkshop and raising customer, installer

and end user awareness to the importance of utilizing only qualified installers.