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Anshun Stadium – China

| Tal Furman - Civil Engineer

One of China’s newest and largest stadiums was recently completed in Anshun, a city in southwestern China. Tangshan City Design

Institute, one of China’s leading designers of sports venues, was responsible for the design. Palram’s SUNTUF was selected by the

architect as a superior option over the competition. Our combined products and solutions process a considerable advantage and

assures that the selection is based on more than price alone.

The Anshun stadium roof has an oval design, with a main slope toward the perimeter of the stadium, reminiscent of a cascading

waterfall. In addition, the roof is broken down into slices, marked by alternating ridges and gutters which are perpendicular to the

oval perimeter and create lesser slopes. The SUNTUF sheets were laid in the direction of the lesser slopes.

The architect wanted the lesser slopes to gradually diminish toward the center of the stadium. In order to meet this requirement,

Palram delivered the sheets in multiple lengths, gradually shorter toward the oval’s center. The sheets were cut prior to delivery to 190

different lengths and were clearly marked so that the builders on site will know the order in which to place them.



SUNTUF 7770 is a thick and robust sheet. Choosing this profile allowed the constructor to lay the sheets directly on the primary

steel. There was no need for any secondary steel infrastructure.



The solution included a Palram proprietary aluminum sliding mechanism, which allows the SUNTUF sheets to slide freely when

expanding and contracting. This allowed the designer to use a single sheet from ridge to gutter with no end laps.



Palramdesigned a special metal gap closure which was fastened to the SUNTUF sheets.

Together with a metal ridge cap, the solution is totally water proof.



The selected color was Solar Ice, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. SUNTUF

Solar Ice transmits 20% light while keeping the heat away from the spectators. The

color resembles the white water created by the rushing waterfall.

Note: The same SUNTUF sheets and profile

systemwere used in the Haifa SUNTUF Ofer

Stadium as well as in the Udinese Calico Fruili

Stadium in Italy.

ANZ Stadium replacement Roofing Project - Palram

Australia Secures Contract

| Tovi Rotem - CEO, PalramAustralia

Palram Australia secured the contract to supply replacement roofing sheets to the ANZ Stadium in NSW Australia.

Driven by the need to replace the existing 45,250 sqm (455,000 sq. ft.) deteriorating roof, the ANZ Stadium team sought professional

advice from Palram, as a leading manufacturer in the field. Both teams worked side by side to develop a long term viable solution.

Palram offered the replacement roofing project a specifically designed and built mutli-walled XL SUNLITE sheet with extended warranty

and varying light transmission that suited the stadium perfectly.

More than just a roofing sheet manufacturer, Palramwill supply the polycarbonate multi-walled sheets as well as the extruded aluminum

and fittings to mount them onto the stadium’s roof. This will allow us to be a complete solution provider, providing the customer with

a one-stop-shop for this project.

“We designed a product and solution specifically for this project”said Tovi Rotem, CEO of PalramAustralia.“Having the global resources

available to us, and understanding the client’s needs, we were able to give the client a true solution for their requirements. It was a

great team effort.”

Supply of the project will commence shortly following the appointment of the installer. The project is expected to take 12 months

tp complete.