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Spotlight on...


Position in Palram:

Marketing Technical Support, Research & Development

Academic Background:

Prior to joining Palram, I completed A-levels in Biology and Psycology

and was studying with the Open University for my Bachelor’s degree. After joining Palram, I continued

with my degree studies, which I then completed with their support, achieving a BSc in Chemistry and Natural


Hobbies & Interests:

Since recently becoming a dad, I enjoy spending time with my family and 3 year old son.

In between work and family life, I also enjoy playing football, darts and golf. Although, as a newcomer to golf, I

seem to be having more frustrations and occasional moments of enjoyment.

Years at Palram:

I am now in my 12th year with Palram.

History in Palram:

I joined Palram in February 2005 in production as a multiwall line operator. I then progressed

to Polycarbonate Technologist/ Process Engineer which tied in with my on-going studies. After 7 years within

production, I then had the opportunity to progress into my current Marketing and Technical support role

with Palram Europe.

The scope of my activities andmymission in the company:

As Marketing and Technical Support Engineer,

I have a number of key responsibilities within the sales, architectural and construction sectors. Working alongside

our project support team, I provide custom support for a wide range of roofing and glazing solutions from stadia

to covered markets, facilitating all technical aspects from design, application and specification all the way through to

on-site installation.

One of my key objectives is to raise the profile and brand name of Palram within the UK architectural

and construction sectors by promoting our specialized glazing systems and dedicated project team via

specification and CPD networks.

Additional to this I also give full technical support to our internal and external sales teams whether it is

certification, application, product, material or training.

On a more personal note I want to pass on this message to co-workers, organization or customer:

Having started with Palram at a relatively young age I have seen first-hand their dedication and investment in

people and technology.

It is this ethos that is rewarded by the many employees who have been with the company for many years. This gives

a great depth of skills, knowledge and experience, which contributes to the strength

and success of our innovative and market leading company.

Although there may be uncertainty in the market as the UK progresses with its EU

withdrawal, it is in challenging times when the innovative

and experienced will succeed.