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What is Three-dimensional or 3D Logos signs?
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3D letters and/or 3D logos are made of plastic, metal, or foam. They reinforce an upscale image and create a clear highlighted message. These signs can be illuminated or not.

How do I curve the polycarbonate to follow the façade curve?
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All Palram Polycarbonate products can be cold bent on site during installation, subject to a minimum radius. The radius varies based on the chosen product. For flat sheets like Palsun & Sunlite the rule of thumb for minimum radius is the thickness multiplied by 200. Please check the Palram catalog for more detailed specifications.

  How do I specify the needed thickness of the polycarbonate glazing material?
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Recommended thickness is based on the wind load, panel size and boundary conditions. You can go to Palram website and use our calculators to determine the recommended thickness.

 How do I reduce the heat buildup coming from the façade into the building?
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In order to reduce heat build up through the façade, Palram strongly recommends the use of its tinted SolarSmart™ panels. SolarSmart™ tints can be implemented in all Palram polycarbonate products. For further information please look for the Palram SolarSmart™ technology page.

 How do I create a double skin glazing solution for façades/curtain walls?
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Flat solid or multiwall sheets can be glazed in double skin applications using standard aluminum curtain wall profiles and EPDM gaskets. The SUNPAL system can be installed in a double skin application with a special aluminum profile provided by Palram.

Can Flat Solid Polycarbonate be installed similar to glass in curtain wall application?
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Palsun can be installed with standard curtain wall aluminum glazing profiles and EPDM gaskets (similar to glass), or spider fixing spaced approx. 400mm centers. It cannot be used with structural silicone, however. PALRGARD (PALSUN)  with anti-scratch coating is the recommended substitute.

Should products be pre-dried before thermoforming?
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It depends on the storage conditions of the product before thermoforming. It is recommended to check the product before thermoforming is attempted.

Is the PE suitable for thermoforming applications?
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Most of the Palram products that come with PE covering are suitable for thermoforming. In general we recommend using clear PE, and not a printed one.

How to polish the edges of Acrylic
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Acrylic edges can be polished by heating them with a torch, blowing hot air, or rotating a brush with wax.

What is the polycarbonate minimum allowed bending radius
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Polycarbonate’s minimum allowed bending radius is x200 the thickness of the sheet. e.g. a 2 mm sheet has a minimum 400 mm bending radius.

Size of panel (size and thickness)
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PALCLAD Pro comes standards 1500x3000 mm, in thicknesses of 2 and 2.5 mm.

Range of colors
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PALCLAD Pro comes standard in White, off-white, and there are 10 more additional colors, which are available on special orders.
PALCLAD Pro can be printed on, with excellent ink adhesion to surface and print quality.

what is the difference between Antimicrobial and Antibacterial
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Antimicrobial (Palclad Pro) and Antibacterial (HYG) are interchangeable in many cases, however antimicrobial offers further protection by eliminating fungi, meaning any mold or mold build up is almost completely eliminated.

Can I use Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets as a skylight combined with metal roof?
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Yes. This is feasible via domes solutions or glazing solution. Please contact Palram technical support for further clarification

How do I install flat solid or multiwall polycarbonate sheets as skylights?
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Flat Solid or Multiwall sheets need to be glazed with designated aluminum profiles when used as a skylight.

How do I install corrugated polycarbonate sheets as a skylight?
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Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are being installed as a homogeneous part of the metal roof. Please review Palram installation instruction of the desired profile.

Can I use clear PVC corrugated sheets for skylights?
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Clear corrugated PVC sheets can function as skylights incorporated in Metal/other roofing, only in cold climate areas.

Why do I have to pre-drill fastener holes in roofing with corrugated panels?
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Pre-drilling the holes ensures that the panels will have room to expand and contract properly with temperature change. Skipping this step can lead to distorted, warped or cracked panels.

Can light transmission percentage be controlled? I need a lot of light but I need it to be diffused.
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We have various parameters of LT% - from 20% to 90%  We have a color that we call “diffuser”: It allows 85% of light get in while diffusing it 100%. This means you see a light panel. It is not transparent, but highly translucent.

Polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation, so why is there a ‘UV side’ to face outwards?
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Polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation by absorbing it. This absorption mechanism might degrade the material, and the sheet has to be protected against it. Protection to the sheet is achieved by coating it with a special material.

In order to protect the sheets, they must be installed with the marked UV protective layer facing outside. Although sheet products can also be UV protected on both sides, most of the sheets are protected on one side that is marked clearly.