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PALIGHT is a lightweight, versatile, flexible, and durable foamed PVC sheet that is widely used in sign and display, as well as construction applications. PALIGHT exhibits the whitest available surface and was successfully tested by the majority of digital flatbed printer manufacturers. Printers and advertisers benefit from its consistently smooth and bright surface for producing high quality displays. PALIGHT is easily handled, cut and fabricated using conventional tools and equipment, and can be printed, painted or laminated.


PALIGHT® Print is an ideal foamed PVC board made specifically to cost effectively meet the stringent requirements of large format Print imaging industry. Lightweight, high-quality PALIGHT® Print is also a great choice for the various fabrications needed to suit end applications of POP/POS, exhibition stands and booths, and other sign and graphics solutions.

On your next wide format printing project, start off with an excellent media for superior results. Go with PALIGHT® Print.


PALFOAM offers easy-to-handle foamed PVC in a cost-efficient version. Its bright, consistent and smooth surface provide a good background for printing and laminating in high quality stands and displays. PALFOAM is flexible, versatile and extremely convenient to work with, cut and fabricate using conventional tools and equipment.


PALCLEAR transparent sheets provide solutions to various applications in populated indoor areas. PALCLEAR combines excellent mechanical properties and impact strength, water-clear transparency, excellent resistance to chemicals and fire resistance. It withstands many chemical agents and can be easily formed using various fabrication techniques. Optional characteristics range from high clarity and anti-glare surface to increased impact resistance.


PALOPAQUE is a flat UV-stabilized PVC sheet. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, reflected in its high quality. Easily formed and fabricated material, PALOPAQUE is ideal for a wide variety of applications. PALOPAQUE makes an excellent printing substrate for the advertising and signage industries and is suitable for digital or traditional printing. Breakthrough HYG technology adds active hygienic action for areas requiring high sanitation.


PALDOOR flat extruded rigid PVC sheet was specifically developed for the door skins thermoforming industry. Standard PALDOOR is available in a wide range of bright colors. PALDOOR Cool is offered in a range of dark colors that rely on a lead-free “cool” color technology and maintain their attractive appearance for long life service in the outdoors.
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