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Coming soon to a PALRAM Distributor near you. PALGARD™ X is treated for abrasion resistance on both sides. It resists vandalism, graffiti spray and physical abuse due to its robust combination of physical & chemical properties.

PALGARD™ X is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications where standard Polycarbonate may be adversely affected by exposure to grit, industrial dust, sand and cleaning agents. It is also ideal for use in safety glazing & impact resistance windows for Public, Law Enforcement & Military applications.

Main Benefits

High abrasion resistance coating on two sides
High impact resistance - Virtually unbreakable
Resistant to acts of vandalism
High chemical resistance
Up to 90% light transmission
Blocks harmful UV radiation
Good acoustic insulation
Easy to mount and install

Typical Applications

Industrial protective glazing
Machine guards
Safety and security glazing
Anti-vandal glazing
Anti-graffiti protection for store fronts, glazed pathways & displays
Law Enforcement: Police & Military use
Prison doors & windows
Acoustic barriers
Bus, rail and other transportation shelters and windscreens
Shields for police and security forces
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