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Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding System


The PALCLAD Pro wall cladding system provides a practical, cost efficient and comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean and safe environment. Covering large areas is simplified with the PALCLAD Pro system, which already assisted in establishing areas with high resistance to fire and chemicals in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants etc. The system consists of flat opaque PVC panels, manufactured by Palram for 50 years, combined with fastening profiles and welding rods in matching colors. A wide range of colors and surface textures enables design versatility for many purposes. The system’s durability ensures many years of service, unaffected by repetitive cleaning routines.

Main Benefits

Complete wall cladding solutions
Wall fastening profiles and welding rods ensure cladding fit and seal
Creates high sanitation environment
Withstands repeated cleaning cycles
Versatile design options through many colors and surfaces
High impact strength
High fire rating
High electrical and thermal insulation
Non toxic
PALCLAD Pro HYG: Active hygiene

Typical Applications

Public Facilities: schools, restrooms, airports, public transportation facilities
Food Industry: food plants, food preparation areas, sorting halls, storage/refrigeration rooms
Healthcare: sterile/clean rooms, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical plants
Agriculture: livestock and dairy farms, egg sorting halls, storage rooms, refrigeration facilities
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