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Flat Solid Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet


PALGARD resists vandalism, graffiti spray and impact due to a robust combination of physical properties. It is ideal for safety glazing in public and commercial projects, as well as for mass transit vehicles. PALGARD is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and the increased wear that is typical of high traffic areas. Due to its excellent UV blocking, PALGARD is ideal for skylights. It can also be glass-laminated for ballistic application purposes.

Note: For containment and ballistic application, see PALSHIELD™ bullet resistant panel.

Main Benefits

High abrasion resistance on one or both sides
Impact Resistant - virtually unbreakable
Highly resistant to vandalism
High chemical resistance
Weather and UV resistant
Up to 90% light transmission
Excellent acoustical Insulation
Easy to mount and install

Typical Applications

Safety and security glazing
Anti-vandalism glazing
Anti-graffiti protection for displays
Law enforcement & prison window panes
Sound barriers
Shields and machine guards
Bus stops and telephone booths
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