Palram Polystyrene


Crystal clear & robust glazing for DIY projects

Palram Polystyrene “glass” opens an extra clear window into new and exciting DIY crafts, hobbies & maker’s opportunities. Palram Polystyrene allows you to design, glaze, finish, display and use your models, display cases or furniture projects in various new ways.


One major advantage and benefit of using Palram Polystyrene in your projects is that it is close to 10 times stronger than glass at the same thickness and size. Oh, and even though it is strong, won’t shatter or break like glass it can be heat shaped, bent or molded to fit curved or complex designs.

clear glasslike Polystyrene sheet

Put away your glass cutters and let your imagination fly loose with robust, large and accessible display cases where they can be seen and admired, right in your living space. Simply put, you can cut, shape, design, paint on, curve, mold, glue and assemble Palram Polystyrene “glass” on your backyard workbench or even on your dining room table.

clear glasslike Polystyrene sheet