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Side Lap Fastening Solutions

for SUNTUF® Plus Greenhouse Roofing


Palram side lap fastening accessories provide an efficient solution to the grower’s needs. SUNTUF Plus is Palram’s recommended product for covering greenhouses. It provides plants with the best nurturing conditions. SUNTUF Plus maintains its superior optical and mechanical properties for long periods of time. It has set the standard for efficient greenhouse roofing with over 25 million square meters installed in greenhouses around the globe. For efficient environmental control, growers wish to maximize the energy (light) that gets into the greenhouse, and minimize the energy (heat) that will go out. To manage the environment, which is imposed by the glazing, and to produce a quality product the grower wants to achieve an air-tight seal between the corrugated sheets.

Main Benefits

Reduces energy loss
Reduces tearing by strong winds
Reduces roof cover sagging under heavy snow accumulation
Sealed against ingress of dust, insects & water

Typical Applications

Commercial greenhouses in snowy regions, under extreme wind loads (typhoons, hurricanes, monsoons) or sand storms
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