Containment Glazing


Ballistic bullet proof polycarbonate sheets

Bullet proof reinforced polycarbonate panels are available in custom sizes and thicknesses to provide a wide spectrum of ballistic protection. PALRAM PALSHIELD bullet-resistant panels provide a wide spectrum of options for architects, engineers and building owners that are looking to protect their assets. In every variation, Palram bullet-proof panels represent a relatively lightweight material that can be formed or modified on site. In industrial environments, bulletproof polycarbonate sheets prevent workers and bystanders from dangerous equipment failure. In jewelry shops, it will resist burglary attempts – even those conducted using the impact of heavy power tools. In border crossing and banks, it will delay forced entry long enough for those inside to get to safety.

Non-spalling transparent baliistic polycarbonate

Compliant with UL-752 levels 1-6, Palram PALSHIELD bullet-resistant panel is a non-spalling, non-starring material that will continue to provide visibility even after it’s been damaged , unlike glass, which will immediately become useless.

Palshield panels offer aesthetics to complement their utility. With high light transmission and good transparency, our panels provide a welcoming interior space without making guests and customers uncomfortably aware they they’re in a secured location. Meanwhile, scratch-resistance ensures that these panels will continue to look great in high-traffic environments.

Non-spalling transparent baliistic polycarbonate