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SUNTUF® Rooflights

Corrugated Polycarbonate Skylights & Sidelights


SUNTUF Rooflights are in-plane industrial skylights and sidelights installed within corrugated metal roofs. They offer multiple advantages over alternatives. SUNTUF`s advanced MetalMatch™ profile matching technology allows it to be integrated with virtually any metal profile. SUNTUF panels form a complete shield against harmful UV rays while admitting most of the visible light. The panels contribute to energy conservation and improve working environment atmosphere and quality. Clear SUNTUF Rooflights allow maximum light in, while a range of colors and diffusions filter light or reduce heat loads.
[SUNTUF skylights are available in North America under the SunSky brand.]

Main Benefits

High impact resistance: virtually unbreakable
Can be matched to virtually any metal profile
High corrugation crests: over 100mm
Maintains high light transmission far better than alternatives
Various light diffusion options
Wide service temperature range
Easily and safely installed
10 year warranty
Resists hail and wind
Blocks 99.9% of UV radiation
Self extinguishing

Typical Applications

Rooflights for metal roofs
Sidelights for metal roofs
Ridge lighting for metal roofs
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