DYNAGLASPlus Greca 76

DYNAGLASPlus Greca 76

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DYNAGLASPlus Greca 76

General Overview

Introduced in 1985, Suntuf was the first-ever corrugated polycarbonate engineered for commercial greenhouses. Since then, more than 9 million square meters (100 million sq. ft.) of Suntuf have been installed throughout the world. Over the past 30 years, P

Things To Know

  • Condensate Control: Helps to minimize droplets that can reduce light transmission as much as 30%, and can cause moisture-related disease on the crop below. Competing products claim to have condensate control, but none can match the two decades of proven p
  • Optional High-Diffusion: Light-diffusing tints or embossed surface allows for high levels of light transmission but helps reduce harsh shadows caused by structural members, equipment, and even the plant canopy itself. Diffused light penetrates deeper into
  • UV and Hail Protection: Warranted against loss of light due to UV degradation, and against damage due to hail. Suntuf has been in use for more than 30 years in all corners of the world. It can handle Mother Nature's most extreme UV and weather.
  • 1260mm or 1870mm Widths and Custom Lengths Allows easier installation and minimizes panel overlaps, thereby reducing air and insect infiltration.
  • Innovative Installation Accessories Patent-pending side-lap fastening systems ensure excellent sealing at panel overlaps, which reduces infiltration of dust, insects, water, and air, and helps improve energy efficiency.
  • Suitable for any Structure SUNTUF can be used for gable-peak, arch, and most gothic-arch style structures. Can be used to retrofit glass, poly-film, and fiberglass-covered structures.