Chemical Resistant Corrugated PVC for Industrial Interior Cladding

Brighten the interior of your structure and simplify maintenance. AG-TUF interior cladding is an ideal solution for industrial and agricultural structures. Corrosion-free, chemical and water resistant, low maintenance, lightweight and easy to clean, AG-TUF offers extended service in challenging environments. From hog barns to dairy sheds or poultry houses, car washes, chemical processing plants, or fertilizer storage facilities, AG-TUF panels hold up where other products don’t.


Brighten your structure’s interior and simplify maintenance with the easy-to-install, corrosion-free AG-TUF.

Corrosion free

Easy cleaning & maintenance

Impact resistant 

Glossy white finish

Flame retardant material

Lightweight & easy to install

SUNTUF DIY Residential Pergola, USA.


  • Liner PVC panels for broilers

  • Corrugated liner for hog barns & dairy sheds

  • Liner ceiling panels

  • PVC lining for food processing facilities

  • Barns and loafing sheds lining sheets

  • Plastic car wash panels

  • Corrugated plastic ceiling panels

  • Warehouse plastic lining

  • Floor to ceiling wall panels

  • PVC poultry wall panels

  • Farmhouse interior liner panels

Color Swatch

Choose the color best for you from our range. Customized color matching is available.
  • Bright White

    Opaque Glossy Finish

  • Semi Transparent White

    15% transparency

  • Light Grey


Polycarbonate for Residential Roofing & Home Improvement.
  • A variety of solutions

    Easily install lightweight, durable polycarbonate DIY roofing panels.

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  • How to fasten SUNTUF DIY

    Self-installing SUNTUF DIY is simple: Prepare, position, and fasten.

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  • How to store SUNTUF DIY

    To make the most of your investment, here are some tips for storing SUNTUF DIY roofing sheets.

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  • How to cut SUNTUF DIY

    You can tailor and trim on-site. For quality, professional results, follow these guidelines.

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  • SUNTUF DIY roof pitch

    Calculate your corrugated sheets roof slope to allow proper drainage.

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Show FAQs
Why do I have to pre-drill fastener holes in roofing with corrugated panels?
Pre-drilling the holes ensures that the panels have room to expand and contract properly with temperature changes. Skipping this step can lead to distorted, warped or cracked panels.
Is PALRUF resistant to UV radiation?
Can corrugated sheets be curved?
Yes. Corrugated sheets can be cold-curved to create arched shapes. It’s important to follow the relevant Palram specifications for minimum radius in cold-curving, which can be found in the Installation Instructions of the relevant sheets. In addition, corrugated sheets should be arched so that the corrugations themselves are curved lengthwise.
How do I design the secondary steel support spacings for roofing/siding?
Can I install corrugated PVC and polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
What are the common applications of corrugated PVC sheets?
The common applications of corrugated PVC sheets are buildings that require opaque coverings and/or are located in highly-corrosive environments such as chemical plants, coastlines, cowsheds, and dairies.
When should I use PVC corrugated sheets versus polycarbonate corrugated sheets?
PVC corrugated sheets are mainly used for opaque roofing and siding of industrial buildings in highly-corrosive environments such as port warehouses, cowsheds, and dairies. Polycarbonate corrugated sheets are mainly used as roofing or siding where natural daylight illumination is needed.
Do Palram’s animal covering and cladding solutions have thermal insulation properties?
All of Palram’s animal covering & cladding solutions have superior thermal insulation properties compared to metal coverings.
Is PALRUF resistant to animal residue?
All of Palram’s animal covering & cladding solutions are resistant to animal residues, detergents, and other chemicals, and come with a 10+ year warranty.