Palight Trimboard
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When you want to highlight your passion for the fine details

Details matter when it comes to the finishing touches for a deck, addition, or remodeling project. Palight ProFinish™ Exterior Mouldings are the perfect complement to Palight Trimboard. Made from foam PVC, they're lightweight, simple to cut and install, and designed to last.

Lightweight. Easy to cut and miter. Designed to LAST.

ProFinish Mouldings are ideal for:

  • Window and door surrounds
  • PostWrap™ accents
  • Exterior ceilings
  • Any decorative trimboard flourish
Lightweight. Easy to cut and miter. Designed to LAST.

Product Details

Palight Trimboard Mouldings*

_imageMoulding nameLength
Moulding_3inch_Crown3" Crown16'
Moulding_4inch_Crown4" Crown16'
Moulding_5inch_Crown5" Crown16'
Moulding_6inch_Crown6" Crown16'
Moulding_Adams_CasingAdams Casing16'
Moulding_Back_BandBack Band16'
Moulding_Base_CapBase Cap16'
Bed Mould16'
Moulding_Brick_MouldBrick Mould18'
Moulding_Brick_Mould_FinBrick Mould with Fin16'
Moulding_Drip_CapDrip Cap16'
Historic Sill16'
Moulding_Large_Historic_SillLarge Historic Sill16'
Moulding_Rake_MouldRake Mould16'
Moulding_Rams_CrownRams Crown16'
Moulding_Scotia_CoveScotia Cove16'
Moulding_Shingle_MouldShingle Mould16'
Moulding_Solid_CrownSolid Crown16'
Moulding_Sub_Sill_NoseSub Nose Sill16'
Moulding_Weather_StopWeather Stop16'


Some items may have minimum order quantities and longer lead times.


_imageMoulding nameColors Available
Moulding_3inch_Crown3" CrownWhite
Moulding_4inch_Crown4" CrownWhite
Moulding_5inch_Crown5" CrownWhite
Moulding_6inch_Crown6" CrownWhite
Moulding_Adams_CasingAdams CasingWhite
Moulding_Back_BandBack BandWhite
Moulding_Base_CapBase CapWhite
Bed MouldWhite
Moulding_Brick_MouldBrick MouldWhite
Moulding_Brick_Mould_FinBrick Mould with FinWhite
Moulding_Drip_CapDrip CapWhite
Historic SillWhite
Moulding_Large_Historic_SillLarge Historic SillWhite
Moulding_Quarter_RoundQuarter RoundWhite
Moulding_Rake_MouldRake MouldWhite
Moulding_Rams_CrownRams CrownWhite
Moulding_Scotia_CoveScotia CoveWhite
Moulding_Shingle_MouldShingle MouldWhite
Moulding_Solid_CrownSolid CrownWhite
Moulding_Sub_Sill_NoseSub Nose SillWhite
Moulding_Weather_StopWeather StopWhite

Product Range

Property Conditions (U.S. Customary)ASTM MethodUnits - SI (U.S. Customary)Value
(U.S. Customary)
DensityD-1505g/cm³ (lb/ft³)0.55-0.60 (35)
Water Absorption24 hr. @ 23°CD-570%0.5
Tensile strength at yield10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638MPa (psi)15 (2,200)
Tensile strength at break10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638MPa (psi)14.5 (2,100)
Elongation at yield10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638%5
Elongation at break10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638%40
Flexural Modulus1.3 mm/min (0.05D-790MPa (psi)896 (130,000)
Flexural Strength at Yield1.3 mm/min (0.05D-790MPa (psi)28 (4,000)
Hardness (Shore D)DurometerShore D52-58
Long Term Service Temperature°C (°F)-15 to 55 (14 to
Heat Deflection TemperatureLoad: 1.82 Mpa (264 psi)D-648°C (°F)60 (140)
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-69610-⁵/°C (10-⁵/°F)6.7 (3.7)
Thermal ConductivityC-177W/m°K (Btu-in./hr-ft²-°F).87 (0.5)
Surface ResistanceKetleyD-257Ohm5 x 10^15
Volume ResistanceKetleyD-257Ohm-cm2 x 10^16

Regulatory Code Compliance Certification

ICC (International Code Council)ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC 227ESR-4059