Built-in condensation control for commercial greenhouses & garden centers

SUNLITE Plus multiwall polycarbonate offers the same light transmission, rigidity, durability, insulation, and co-extruded UV protection as standard SUNLITE, and it also features built-in condensation control. Palram’s proprietary condensate control technology helps maximize light transmission by minimizing condensation droplet formation that would otherwise reflect valuable sunlight. And, by reducing or eliminating condensate drip, it also helps prevent various moisture-related diseases in crops to improve crop quality and yield. SUNLITE Plus is also suitable for garden centers and other potentially humid public areas such as covered swimming pools and spas. It can be used for gable-peak, arch, and most Gothic arch style structures; as well as retrofit glass, polyfilm, and fiberglass-covered structures. It is extremely tough but also lightweight, so it helps reduce the cost of the supporting structure.


Built-In Condensation Control and Thermal Insulation

High Condensation Control

Built-in condensation control helps to minimize condensate droplets that reflect as much as 30% of the light transmission and that can cause moisture-related diseases in crops. The increased light transmission is especially beneficial during winter months with shorter day lengths.

Controlling thermal insulation & light transmittance using different thicknesses, colors and tints


U Value K Value LT%
1.45-3.50 0.286-0.690 20-80
High Condensation Control