SUNBOX® IMP Daylighting System

SUNBOX insulated skylight is a pre-assembled, curb-free, drop-in IMP daylighting system that matches virtually any metal roof profile.

SUNBOX eliminates the need for additional materials and labor required for curbed installations. To maintain a weather-tight roof assembly, the in-plane SUNBOX profile eliminates damming while allowing free flow of moisture.

SUNBOX also provides excellent insulation and natural lighting, delivering dual energy conservation. Backed by Palram’s MetalMatch technology, the system can match virtually any metal roof profile.

The SUNBOX® IMP Daylighting System

Palram’s newest technology, SUNBOX insulated skylight, is an advanced IMP daylighting system with an in-plane, easy-to-install design using highly impact and weather resistant polycarbonate.

SUNBOX rooflight completely shields against harmful ultraviolet rays and withstands the detrimental effects of UV radiation. SUNBOX will also hold up against the most extreme climates and weather conditions.


  • Industrial & commercial buildings
  • Public buildings & schools
  • Shopping centers & big box stores


The SUNBOX® IMP Daylighting System

Why Use SUNBOX Daylighting?

Factory-assembled drop-in design makes installation easy. No need for additional curbing. Our in-plane design eliminates ice damming, resulting in a more cost efficient, leak-resistant installation. Plus, Palram's unparalleled MetalMatch™ technology will match virtually any insulated metal profile.


  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Excellent light transmission up to 50%
  • Impact resistant - virtually unbreakable
  • High insulation R-value
  • High load resistance
  • Lightweight
  • 10-year limited warranty
Why Use SUNBOX Daylighting?