Animal Confinement Covers and Cladding

Animal Confinement Covers & Cladding

PVC roofing & covering sheets for animal confinements and produce facilities

Metal roofing corrodes and wears down over time, especially in highly corrosive environments. Palram offers corrosion-resistant profiled PVC solutions that improve biosecurity and extend the  lifetime of your structure. Our PVC sheets can be power-washed with harsh chemicals on a regular basis and last for years in even the most demanding environments. These solutions are also lightweight, offer high tensile strength, and are available in wide sheet sizes that can significantly reduce construction costs.


For daylighting solutions, our SUNTUF® polycarbonate panels can be incorporated into your structure, resulting in energy savings and a lower carbon footprint. And with Palram's MetalMatch technology, we can match most metal profiles available.

Palram also offers an active antimicrobial PVC wall cladding system with to-the-core active antimicrobial protection. The PALCLAD™ Pro wall cladding system offers a practical, cost efficient, and comprehensive package for maintaining high standards of hygiene in veterinary offices, animal research environments, and more, enabling simplified cleaning and maintenance.

Corrosion-free PVC covers & liners

Milking parlors and produce-handling areas need to be power-washed daily to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter. Palram offers cladding solutions that stand up to years of daily power washing without losing their structural integrity, and also actively improve biosecurity.

AG-TUF®  PVC liner panels provide an ideal, cost-effective cladding solution for areas that require regular sanitation. PALCLAD Pro-HYG actively eliminates bacterial colonies and viral plaque with layers of embedded silver ions.

Corrosion-free PVC covers & liners