Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic Barrier Panels

Acoustic barriers, or noise walls, are the most effective way to reduce highway, railway, and industrial noise, without changing the noise source itself. As a result, architects are turning to acoustic barrier panels when designing transportation structures within close proximity to residential or office building. Acoustic barriers not only reduce noise pollution, but also environmental pollution. As transparent glass, polycarbonate acoustic barrier panels also allow for landscape visibility, providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for bridges, railways, overpasses, and even concrete wall extensions.

Wide range of acoustic barrier solutions

Palram offers polycarbonate acoustic barrier sheets, which in addition to providing protection from damaging noise levels and meeting public health code requirements, are lightweight, durable, transparent, and flexible with the ability to be curved, bent, and shaped without special treatment.

Available in a variety of tints and transparencies, our polycarbonate barrier panels offer aesthetic options and advantages. And, because our panels are virtually unbreakable with the ability to withstand harsh elements and extreme temperatures, they can be left alone for years without maintenance.

Wide range of acoustic barrier solutions