Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic Barrier Panels

Acoustic barrier solutions for sound reduction

Regular exposure to noise levels above 80 db — the same noise level created by a traffic jam or a train heard from 15 meters away — cause chronic hearing damage. For this reason, residential and office buildings in close proximity to railway lines and highways need to include protection from damaging noise levels as a matter of public health. Palram offers polycarbonate or acrylic acoustic barrier sheets that absorb and reduce sound. These solutions help manage high noise levels in urban areas and industrial areas that are near railway lines or highways.

Wide range of acoustic barrier solutions

Acoustic and plastic sound barriers need to reduce noise levels below the thresholds for damage or annoyance. They also need to also be resilient against the elements and withstand extreme conditions such as heat and cold, rain, snow, wind, and hail. In addition, they should be easy to install and maintain and aesthetically appealing.

Palram offers a wide range of acoustic barrier sheets that meet all these requirements, including PALSUN, PALGARD, and PALGLAS. These panel solutions are lightweight and virtually unbreakable, so they can be easily installed next to highways and railways and then left alone for years without maintenance. Moreover, they offer aesthetic advantages as they are available in a variety of tints and transparencies.

Wide range of acoustic barrier solutions