Clear Impact Resistant Polycarbonate for Transportation

Palram Optically Clear, Translucent or Opaque Impact-Resistant Industrial Plastic Sheeting for the Transportation Industry

Palram PVC, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets and panels are used for a wide variety of transportation applications, including glazing, cladding, partitions, and lighting fixtures.
Using thermoplastic fabrication in the transportation industry offers strength, durability, aesthetics, ease of fabrication, corrosion and moisture resistance, weatherability, and excellent fire performance
Palram delivers heavy-duty construction plastic sheets with high-impact and excellent strength to weight ratio, optically clarity and abrasion resistance. These industrial polycarbonate sheets and panels are used for cladding or glazing for transportation hubs, or as corrosion resistant elements for yachts and maritime applications. The Palram technical support teams will help you specify the most suitable product for your application, processing methods and specific requirements.