Ballistic-grade clear polycarbonate sheets

The PALSHIELD transparent ballistic shield product line is based on a layered, laminated structure of polycarbonate and PMMA. This range of ballistic products and forced entry products is available in varying security grade levels and meets ASTM-F1915-05 and UL 752 standards. PALSHIELD is engineered to withstand both physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy. Abrasion resistant coating ensures long-term clarity.

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  • PALSHIELD Shooting Test
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Engineered to withstand physical attacks and ballistic assaults. Abrasion resistance with long-term clarity.
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Bullet resistant plastic

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Abrasion & Wear Resistant

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Bullet resistant polycarbonate in a range of ballistic and forced entry protection levels, to meet a variety of applications
  • PALSHIELD Bank Teller Counters
    Transparent ballistic shield for bank tellers

  • PALSHIELD Security checkpoints ballistic panels
    Security checkpoints ballistic panels

  • PALSHIELD Law facilities security
    Law enforcement facilities security

  • PALSHIELD Vehicle bulletproof sheets
    Vehicle bullet resistant sheets

  • PALSHIELD Burglar ballistic panels
    Burglar containment ballistic panels


  • PALSHIELD Burglar ballistic panels
    Forced Entry Products

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    Anti-Burglary Glazing

    The PALSHIELD line of forced entry protection panels come in 2 plies and 3 plies. Ranging from 9.5mm to 19mm thick, these clear security panels comply with ASTM F1915-05 – Security Grade Level 1 and ASTM F1915-05 – Security Grade Level 2.

    PALSHIELD Pallete
  • PALSHIELD Shooting Test
    Ballistic Products

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    bullet resistant Plastics

    The PALSHIELD line of ballistic resistant panels comes in 3 and 4 plies. Ranging from 19mm to 32mm thick, PALSHIELD clear bullet resistant sheets comply with UL 752 Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 6.

    PALSHIELD Pallete


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Can the percentage of light transmission be controlled? I need a lot of light but I need it to be diffused.
Palram offers various LT% parameters – from 0% to 90%. In addition, we offer a color called a “diffuser” that allows 85% of the light in while diffusing it by 100%. The result is a light-transmitting panel that is not transparent but is highly translucent.
If polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation, why is there a “UV-side” that faces outwards?
Polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation by absorbing it. This absorption mechanism can cause degradation to the material, and to prevent this from happening, the sheet is coated with a special material. For this reason, it is recommended that the sheets are installed with the marked UV protective layer facing outward. Moreover, most of the sheets are only protected on the side that is clearly marked as such.
What is the protection level for ballistic?
For bullets, BULLETPROOF offers UL 752 protection up to level 6 — protection against automatic weapons firing pistol-caliber ammunition such as an Uzi sub-machine gun chambered in 9 mm.
What level of protection against forced entry can I expect from BULLETPROOF?
BULLETPROOF offers forced entry protection equivalent to ASTM F1915-05 Security Grade Level 1-3 — a standard developed to measure impact-resistant fittings in correctional facilities.
How do I clean the polycarbonate?
  • Never use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners on any Palram polycarbonate products.
  • Do not leave cleaners on Palram polycarbonate for extended periods of time. Rinse immediately with cold, clean water.
  • Do not apply cleaners in direct sunlight.
  • Never use sharp objects, squeegees or razors on polycarbonate.
  • Do not clean with gasoline.
  • Always practice safety first and never step directly on a polycarbonate panel.
  • Always test cleaners in a small inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the entire panel to ensure against adverse results.
  • Avoid allowing the pressure washer spray tip to come too close to the panel. Pressure washers often have enough pressure at the spray tip to penetrate or tear the panel.
  • Avoid dry cleaning as sand and dust particles clinging to the exterior of the panels may scratch the surface.
What is the meaning of Shading Coefficient (SC)?
Shading coefficient (SC) is a parameter that compares transparent and translucent materials with clear 3 mm glass with 87% LT ׂ(light transmission). The lower the value, the more convenient it is to stay under the material on warm, sunny days. In architectural projects, the SC should usually be between 0.3 to 0.5.
Will polycarbonate light transmittance deteriorate over time?
PALRAM’s polycarbonate products are shielded with a UV protection layer that guards against photodegradation, yellowing, and brittleness. This protects the sheets from the harmful impact of UV radiation and helps to maintain light transmittance and quality for many years. Our products come with a 10-year warranty against loss of light transmittance. Upon special request, we can provide an enforced UV protection layer with a longer warranty.