PALSHIELD™ Bullet Resistant and containment glazing

Ballistic polycarbonate product line for a variety of applications

The PALSHIELD ballistic polycarbonate product line is available with different levels of ballistics and forced-entry protection to meet a variety of application needs. Due to their layered, laminated structure, PALSHIELD sheets can withstand both physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy without shattering or spalling.  PALSHIELD also features an abrasion-resistant coating, which ensures long-term clarity for applications in accessible public areas. Note that the information listed on the PALSHIELD sales sheet represents the Palram products that meet or exceed the various testing standards at the time of its printing. Please contact Palram for information about other test approvals that you may need.

Reinforced, Layered Polycarbonate Structure

Reinforced, Layered Polycarbonate Structure




Size*mm1220 x 2440
ColorsClear, Bronze, Grey


Dimensions Note *Other Sizes Are Available Upon Request, Subject To Minimum Quantity
Product Availability Note * Contains Acrylic N** Tested By An Acredited Independent Lab According To UL Specs.
Available Colors     Clear, Bronze, Gray

Typical Physical Properties

PropertyConditions (U.S. Customary)ASTM MethodUnits - SI U.S. Customary)Value (U.S. Customary)
DensityD-1505g/cm3 (lb/ft3)1.2 (75)
Water Absorption24 hr. @ 23°CD-570%0.15
Tensile strength at yield10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638MPa (psi)62 (9
Tensile strength at break10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638MPa (psi)65 (9500)
Elongation at yield10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638%6
Elongation at break10 mm/min (0.4 in./min)D-638%110
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity10 mm/min (0.4 in. /min)D-638MPa (psi)2
Flexural Modulus1.3 mm/min (0.05 in./min)D-790MPa (psi)2
Flexural Strength at Yield1.3 mm/min (0.05 in./min)D-790MPa (psi)93 (13
Notch Impact Strength Izod23°C (73°F)D-256J/m (ft·lbf/in.)800 (15)
Notch Impact Strength Charpy23°C (73°F)D-256J/m (ft·lbf/in)800 (15)
Impact Falling Weight3 mm (0.12 in.) SheetISO-6603/1bJ (ft·lbf)158 (117)
Rockwell HardnessD-785R scale / M scale125 / 70
Abrasion (Taber Process)100 CyclesCS-10S Wheel500gD-1044
Compressive Strength1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-695MPa (psi)86 (12
Compressive Modulus1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-695MPa (psi)2378 (345
Shear strength at Yield1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi)41 (6000)
Shear strength at Break1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi)68 (10
Shear Modulus1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi)786 (114
Long Term Service Temperature°C (°F)-75 to +100 (-175 to +212)
Short Term Service Temperature°C (°F)-75 to +120 (-175 to +250)
Heat Deflection TemperatureLoad: 1.82 Mpa (264 psi)D-648°C (°F)132 (270)
Vicat Softening TemperatureLoad: 1 kg (2.2 lb)D-1525°C (°F)150 (300)
Coefficient of Linear
Thermal ExpansionD-69610-5/°C (10-5/°F)6.5 (3.6)
Thermal ConductivityC-177W/m°K (Btu-in./hr-ft2-°F)0.21 (1.46)
Specific Heat CapacityC-351kJ/kg°K (Btu/lb°F)1.26 (0.31)
Light TransmissionD-1003%See Product Data Sheet
Refractive IndexClear SheetD-5421.59
Dielectric Constant50 HzD-1503
1 MHzD-1502.9
Dissipation Factor50 HzD-1500.9
1 MHzD-15011
Dielectric Strength Short Time500 V/sD-149kV/mm (V/mil)>30 (>770)
Surface ResistanceKetleyD-257Ohm5.1x1015
Volume ResistanceKetleyD-257Ohm-cm1.3x1017


Forced Entry Ratings

Forced Entry ProductsStandardCompliance / RatingThickness (inches, mm)PliesLbs./ft2 (Kg/m²)Light Transmission
PALSHIELD FE 375ASTM F1915-0Security Grade Level 20.375″ (9.5mm)22.4 (11.7)86%
PALSHIELD FE 500ASTM F1915-05Security Grade Level 20.500″ (12.7mm)33.3 (16.1)83%
PALSHIELD FE 500HPW 0500.03Level A ballistics (.38 special)0.500″ (12.7mm)33.3 (16.1)83%
PALSHIELD FE 750ASTM F1915-05Security Grade Level 10.750″ (19mm)34.9 (23.9)77%
PALSHIELD FE 750HPW-TP-0500.00Level B Balllistics (9mm)0.750″ (19mm)34.9 (23.9)77%


Ballistic Ratings

Ballistic ProductsStandardCompliance / RatingThickness (inches, mm)PliesLbs./ft2 (Kg/m²)Light Transmission
PALSHIELD UL1-750*UL 752Level 1 u2020 - 9mm 3 shots.750″ (19mm)34.9 (23.9)88%
PALSHIELD UL2-1000UL 752Level 2 u2020 - .357 3 shots1.0″ (25.4mm)46.5 (31.7)72%
PALSHIELD UL3-1250UL 752Level 3 u2020 - .44 Mag 3 shots1.25″48.1 (39.5)67%
PALSHIELD UL3-1250ASTM F1915-05Security Grade 11.25″48.1 (39.5)67%
PALSHIELD UL3-1250ASTM 1233-08Class V (Body)1.25″ (32mm)48.1 (39.5)67%
PALSHIELD UL6-1250*UL 752Level 6 u2020 - High Velocity 9mm 5 shots, Supplemental shotgun 1 shot1.25″ (32mm)48.1 (39.5)78%

Ballistic Ratings Note     * Contains Acrylic U2020 Tested By An Acredited Independent Lab According To UL Specs.


Testing Standard Reference and Description

Testing Standard ReferenceStandard and YearTitle / Description
ASTMF1233-08Standard Test Method for Security Glazing Materials and Systems
ASTMF1915-05Standard Test Method for Glazing for Detention Facilities
HP WhiteTP-0500-.03Transparent Material for Use in Forced Entry or Containment Barriers
HP WhiteTP-0500-.03Transparent Material for Use in Forced Entry or Containment Barriers
HP WhiteTP-0500-.03Transparent Material for Use in Forced Entry or Containment Barriers
UL752Bullet Resistant Equipment

Regulatory Code Compliance Certification

ANSIZ97.1-09Approved Impact and Weathering
CPSC16 CFR 1201Category I or II