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GDPR Update for Stakeholders (April 2018)

With the entry into force of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) just one month away, we are proud to share a quick update on Palram’s data protection compliance project that is underway in order to get the entire group GDPR compliant. A cross functional team has been working intensely on GDPR since the start of the year, led by the Palram Group’s CIO, General Counsel and VP Human Resources, including also senior marketing and other personnel, and external advisors. Palram entities in the EU and beyond have been consulted and involved, and the group has moved from a gap analysis to the remediation phase of its work.   In other words, we are now implementing very practical steps to ensure Palram’s GDPR compliance. With the blessing of Palram’s management we are delighted to update all Palram stakeholders. Here are some of the major steps we are taking: We are in…

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