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PALRUF® Corrugated Heavy Duty PVC Roofing Sheets

For industrial and agricultural roofing and exterior cladding applications

PALRUF corrugated PVC panel combines excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact, resulting in an extremely durable roofing solution. PALRUF PVC panel withstands harsh chemical environments where conventional roofing quickly corrodes, which makes it ideal for long term use in demanding industrial applications such as chemical plants and storages, mines, ports and more.

Royal Institute of British Architects

Royal Institute of British Architects


Agricultural environments such as barns, pigpens, hen houses, dairies, and stables can present hygienic and cleaning challenges for any roofing or cladding material. Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen are common in livestock feeding or housing environments, and they are the source of quick and widespread rust and corrosion for metal roofs and partitions. This corrosion results in high maintenance and replacement costs. PALRUF corrugated PVC roof panels and cladding sheets offer a corrosion-free and chemical-resistant alternative that provides farmers with years of low cost, low maintenance and greater hygiene.

Industrial environments such as mining and chemical processing plants create dust and ash that, when combined with mist, rain, and perhaps even saltwater, coat the roofing with a layer that is highly corrosive to metals. But not in the case of PALRUF corrugated PVC sheets. These solutions are virtually maintenance free as they can endure a wide variety of gases and chemicals for the life of the panel—and under the harshest conditions.

For best results, follow PALRUF installation guidelines



PALRUF industrial corrugated PVC sheets are designed to match a variety of the most popular metal building profiles. But what if you can't find a PALRUF PVC panel profile to match your metal profile?


Palram’s proprietary MetalMatch technology allows for the rapid matching of existing corrugated metal profiles. In addition, by using this technology, order minimums can be reduced. This enables metal roll-forming companies to offer matching PALRUF PVC panels for all their products and allows them to capitalize on the growing interest in natural daylighting. Learn more about MetalMatch technology.


 Published by the National Poultry Technology Center, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA

During colder weather, poultry growers should turn their attention to issues that can increase heating costs and hurt bird performance by allowing cold air infiltration and heat leakage. Published in 2014, this newsletter from the National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC) at Auburn University addresses metal sidewall issues that can cause problems such as this. The newsletter includes a PALRUF/AG-TUF solution that NPTC began long-term tests on in 2011 that proved to be effective in field trials.

Poultry house sidewalls have been undergoing a transformation from large drop-down curtains to solid, fully sealed and insulated walls. This has dramatically improved environmental control and reduced heating costs. However, severe air leakage caused by corrosion of exterior metal along the lower sidewall at ground level makes it much more challenging to keep birds comfortable at a reasonable fuel cost. Further, holes provide entry points for rodents and other pests.



Standard Dimensions

ProfileDesignationThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Mini32/90.8660, 750, 10401.5 - 11.8
Iron/Sinus 7676/180.8 - 1.5660, 860, 900, 11501.5 - 11.8
Greca/Trapeze76/180.8 - 1.31045, 1060, 1140, 1145, 11901.5 - 11.8
Greca/Trapeze75//190.75 - 1.011351.5 - 11.8
Greca/Trapeze70/180.8 - 1.5550, 765, 1090, 11031.5 - 11.8
5,6 Waves177/510.8 - 2.0920, 1100, 11701.5 - 11.8
3″ Standard72/200.811.3
American 2.6″67.8/20210201.5 - 11.8
American 4.2″107/271.8 - 4.510701.5 - 11.8
Big 6″146/481.11.32
Astoria305/382.210151.5 - 11.8
Industrial 0100250/401.8 - 3.010661.5 - 11.8
7.2″183/382.0 - 3.0967, 1150, 12171.5 - 11.8
5105400/502.0-3.017001.5 - 11.8

Standard Dimensions Note           *Custom Profiles Are Available Upon Request, Subject To Minimum Order.

Product Range

PALRUF® OpaqueOpaque sheet inherently UV resistant, suitable for all applications.
PALRUF® ClearClear UV stabilized sheet, ideal for DIY applications
PALRUF® OpalUV stabilized sheet, reduced light transmission (~35%)
PALRUF® High ImpactWith increased impact resistance and durability.
PALRUF® HYGWith active antimicrobial action, ideal for livestock applications.
AG-TUF®Liner panel for indoor applications

Standard Color chart

OpaqueWhite, Light Grey, Beige, Light Green Light Blue
TransparentClear, Bronze
TranslucentWhite Opal, White Diffuser, Blue

Typical Physical Properties

Heat deflection temperature (H.D.T)D-648Load: 1.82 MP°C61 - 67
Service Temperature Range°C-20 to +50
Thermal conductivity C-177C-177W/mK0.16
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion D-696D-696cm/cm°C6.3 x 10-⁵
Impact strength ISO6603/12 mm sheetJ45 - 60
Tensile strength at yieldD-63810 mm/minMPa50 - 66
Tensile strength at breakD-63810 mm/minMPa39 - 53
Elongation at yieldD-63810 mm/min%3
Elongation at breakD-63810 mm/min%>80
Tensile modulus of elasticityD-6381 mm/minMPa2900
Flexural strengthD-7901.3 mm/minMPa90 - 100
Flexural modulusD-7901.3 mm/minMPa2700
Rockwell hardnessD-785R Scale105 - 115

Typical Physical Properties Notes          * ASTM Method Except Where Noted Otherwise


DIN 4102B-1
BS 476/7Class 1
NSP 92501, 5M-1
FMRC 4870Class 1

Flammability Notes           * For More Information Please Contact Your Palram Distributor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pre-drill fastener holes in roofing with corrugated panels?
+ -

Pre-drilling the holes ensures that the panels have room to expand and contract properly with temperature changes. Skipping this step can lead to distorted, warped or cracked panels.

Is PALRUF resistant to UV radiation?
+ -
Can corrugated sheets be curved?
+ -

Yes. Corrugated sheets can be cold-curved to create arched shapes. It's important to follow the relevant Palram specifications for minimum radius in cold-curving, which can be found in the Installation Instructions of the relevant sheets. In addition, corrugated sheets should be arched so that the corrugations themselves are curved lengthwise.

Is it OK to walk over PALRUF roofing sheets, during or after installation?
+ -

No. If it can’t be avoided during installation, use stepping ladders, platforms or crawling boards to prevent walking directly over PALRUF roofing sheets.

My building inspector says I need the fire certification for PALRUF. Can you provide this information?
+ -

Yes. We can provide test reports and other such documents. Please contact your Palram dealer if you require this data.

When roofing with PALRUF corrugated panels, where should I fix the screws – valley or crest points?
+ -

Crest fixing is preferred.

When roofing with PALRUF corrugated panels, where should I start to install?
+ -

You can choose to install left to right, or right to left. It is recommended to always advance against the dominant wind direction at the site. Never start at both sides, or at any two separate points.

How do I design the secondary steel support spacings for roofing/siding?
+ -

Palram created specific loading tables for each product. Please visit our website and download the specific catalog.

Can I install corrugated PVC and polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
+ -

Yes. Make sure you start installing from the bottom up so the overlaps will not let the water in.

What are the common applications of corrugated PVC sheets?
+ -

The common applications of corrugated PVC sheets are buildings that require opaque coverings and/or are located in highly-corrosive environments such as chemical plants, coastlines, cowsheds, and dairies.

When should I use PVC corrugated sheets versus polycarbonate corrugated sheets?
+ -

PVC corrugated sheets are mainly used for opaque roofing and siding of industrial buildings in highly-corrosive environments such as port warehouses, cowsheds, and dairies. Polycarbonate corrugated sheets are mainly used as roofing or siding where natural daylight illumination is needed.

Do Palram's animal covering and cladding solutions have thermal insulation properties?
+ -

All of Palram's animal covering & cladding solutions have superior thermal insulation properties compared to metal coverings.

Is PALRUF resistant to animal residue?
+ -

All of Palram's animal covering & cladding solutions are resistant to animal residues, detergents, and other chemicals, and come with a 10+ year warranty.