PALRUF® industrial corrugated PVC sheet

PVC sheets for roofing and cladding in industrial and agricultural settings

PALRUF corrugated PVC panels combine high structural performance with excellent chemical and flammability resistance. It is a heavy-duty, lightweight, corrosion-free alternative to corrugated metal roofing. Ideal for harsh environments, PALRUF is used in industrial construction in mines, petroleum refineries, seaports, and livestock facilities. Wide-span structures, cold bending, heavy loads, and impacts are just a few of the engineering challenges PALRUF meets. Various industrial profiles are available, easy to install and maintain.


PALRUF industrial roofing provides long-term durability in the harshest environments

Excellent chemical resistance

Minimal maintenance

High impact resistant

Resistant to UV




PALRUF corrugated roofing sheets are ideal for industrial and agricultural structures
  • Plants and warehouses roofing

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants Wall panels

  • Mines PVC roofing

  • Food manufacturing & storage PVC Cladding

  • Covering structures in chemically environments

  • Farmhouse PVC roofing

  • Warehouse and storage centers

  • Seaports durable roofing and cladding

  • Replacing corroded metal roofing

  • Asbestos roofs refurbish

Color Swatch

Match PALRUF color to your local climate
  • Opaque White

    Ideal for any climatic conditions

  • Light Gray

    Suitable for most climatic conditions

  • Beige

    Suitable for most climatic conditions

  • Turquoise

    Suitable for most climatic conditions

  • Clear

    Suitable for temperate & cold climates only


Video guidance for PALRUF industrial roofing sheets
  • PALRUF industrial installation

    A detailed overview of how to install PALRUF corrugated PVC

    Watch video>
  • How to store PALRUF

    Tips for storing PALRUF. Make sure your panels are in mint condition before installation

    Watch video>
  • Plan the right roof pitch

    How to Calculate Roof Slope to Allow Proper Drainage

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Show FAQs
Why do I have to pre-drill fastener holes in roofing with corrugated panels?
Pre-drilling the holes ensures that the panels have room to expand and contract properly with temperature changes. Skipping this step can lead to distorted, warped or cracked panels.
Is PALRUF resistant to UV radiation?
Can corrugated sheets be curved?
Yes. Corrugated sheets can be cold-curved to create arched shapes. It’s important to follow the relevant Palram specifications for minimum radius in cold-curving, which can be found in the Installation Instructions of the relevant sheets. In addition, corrugated sheets should be arched so that the corrugations themselves are curved lengthwise.
Is it OK to walk over PALRUF roofing sheets, during or after installation?
No. If it can’t be avoided during installation, use stepping ladders, platforms or crawling boards to prevent walking directly over PALRUF roofing sheets.
My building inspector says I need the fire certification for PALRUF. Can you provide this information?
Yes. We can provide test reports and other such documents. Please contact your Palram dealer if you require this data.
When roofing with PALRUF corrugated panels, where should I fix the screws – valley or crest points?
Crest fixing is preferred.
When roofing with PALRUF corrugated panels, where should I start to install?
You can choose to install left to right, or right to left. It is recommended to always advance against the dominant wind direction at the site. Never start at both sides, or at any two separate points.
How do I design the secondary steel support spacings for roofing/siding?
Can I install corrugated PVC and polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
What are the common applications of corrugated PVC sheets?
The common applications of corrugated PVC sheets are buildings that require opaque coverings and/or are located in highly-corrosive environments such as chemical plants, coastlines, cowsheds, and dairies.
When should I use PVC corrugated sheets versus polycarbonate corrugated sheets?
PVC corrugated sheets are mainly used for opaque roofing and siding of industrial buildings in highly-corrosive environments such as port warehouses, cowsheds, and dairies. Polycarbonate corrugated sheets are mainly used as roofing or siding where natural daylight illumination is needed.
Do Palram’s animal covering and cladding solutions have thermal insulation properties?
All of Palram’s animal covering & cladding solutions have superior thermal insulation properties compared to metal coverings.
Is PALRUF resistant to animal residue?
All of Palram’s animal covering & cladding solutions are resistant to animal residues, detergents, and other chemicals, and come with a 10+ year warranty.