SUNTUF Stadia Roofing System

An Expansion-free, Large Span Architectural Polycarbonate Roof System

SUNTUF Stadia is a robust and durable polycarbonate panel roofing system. Engineered for large roof spans, high loads, and challenging requirements. SUNTUF Stadia is an excellent choice for architectural projects such as sports stadiums, arenas, and concert halls. Natural daylight is diffused through the system’s lightweight, durable, and impact resistant polycarbonate panels. Expansion-free sliding mechanism allows thermal movement and provides design flexibility.  Seamless radial roof structures can be accommodated with modular system components.


Provides natural daylight and weather protection. While maintaining strength and durability.

Structural Strength & Load Baring

Durable & Reliable

Complete system components Icon

Complete System Components

Free Thermal Expansion

Optimized Daylight

Lightweight & Easy to Install


SUNTUF Stadia roofing system provides natural daylight in stadiums, arenas, and large open-air structures.
  • Radial and unique roof shapes

    Aviva Stadium, Ireland

  • Stadiums and arenas roofing systems

    Sami Ofer Stadium, Israel

  • Wide span stadium canopies

    Friuli Stadium, Udine Italy

  • Stadium canopy inner ring with clear roof

    Craiova Stadium, Romania

  • Daylight and protection in open-air canopies

    Arena Castelão, Brazil

  • A heavy-duty roof for challenging structures

  • Sport facilities & training grounds

Color Swatch

Natural daylight for a better spectators’ experience and pitch grass growth.
  • Clear

    87% light transmission

  • White Opal

    45% light transmission

  • White Diffused

    85% light transmission

  • Solar Control

    20% light transmission


SUNTUF Stadia polycarbonate large span roofing system: Embrace design freedom with our team.
  • Anshun Sports Center, China

    SUNTUF Stadia expansion waterproof polycarbonate roofing system

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  • Aviva Dublin Arena

    Challenging engineering. Unique architectural design. Palram meets the challenge.

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  • Freedom in Design

    Comprehensive solutions for architects and builders. Palram Architectural Projects Center.

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Show FAQs
What is the meaning of Shading Coefficient (SC)?
Shading coefficient (SC) is a parameter that compares transparent and translucent materials with clear 3 mm glass with 87% LT ׂ(light transmission). The lower the value, the more convenient it is to stay under the material on warm, sunny days. In architectural projects, the SC should usually be between 0.3 to 0.5.
How do I design the secondary steel support spacings for roofing/siding?
Palram created specific loading tables for each product. Please visit our website and download the specific catalog.
If polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation, why is there a “UV-side” that faces outwards?
Polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation by absorbing it. This absorption mechanism can cause degradation to the material, and to prevent this from happening, the sheet is coated with a special material. For this reason, it is recommended that the sheets are installed with the marked UV protective layer facing outward. Moreover, most of the sheets are only protected on the side that is clearly marked as such.
How do I specify the required thickness of the polycarbonate glazing material?
The recommended thickness of the polycarbonate glazing material is based on factors such as wind & snow load, panel size, and boundary conditions. Visit the Palram website for access to calculators that can help you determine the recommended thickness.
How do I determine the color, Light Transmission (LT) and haze properties of polycarbonate?
This decision depends on the application – some of the colors are transparent and some are translucent. If a see-through material is needed, then haze should be smaller than 1% and the LT% should be based on the illumination design. If a translucent effect is needed, then the haze should be 100% and the LT% based on the chosen color.
Can the percentage of light transmission be controlled? I need a lot of light but I need it to be diffused.
Palram offers various LT% parameters – from 0% to 90%. In addition, we offer a color called a “diffuser” that allows 85% of the light in while diffusing it by 100%. The result is a light-transmitting panel that is not transparent but is highly translucent.
How do I combine corrugated polycarbonate sheets (SUNTUF) with metal sheets?
With Palram’s MetalMatch technology, we can perfectly match almost any trapezoid industrial metal sheet and install SUNTUF as a homogeneous part of the roof.