Technically advanced surfaces for lasting protection and clarity

PALGARD offers polycarbonate mechanical and physical properties, with upgraded abrasion and chemical resistance.
PALGARD hard coated polycarbonate remains clear and scratch-free in applications with high levels of wear and tear. Scratch resistant polycarbonate is ideal for protective shielding or safety glazing for machinery and as highway acoustic sound barriers. PALGARD wear resistant plastic is also ideal for security glazing or clear railing at service counters and public transport.

  • PALGARD Machine Guard
  • PALGARD airport
  • PALGARD Velodrome


The hard coated surfaces of PALGARD polycarbonate provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance.
Abrasion & Wear Resistant Icon

Abrasion & Wear Resistant

High Optical Clarity

Chemical & Water Resistant

Acoustic Insulation

Impact Resistant

Strength & Durability

 PALGARD Pallete


PALGARD is ideal for glazing machinery, vehicles, railings, and windows.
  • PALGARD Vehicle Glazing
    Agriculture and construction machinery glazing

  • ALGARD Velodrome
    Railing safety glazing

  • PALSUN Vehicle Shields
    RV & Specialty Vehicle protective glazing

  • PALGLAS Acoustic Barriers
    Transparent acoustic barriers

  • PALGARD Pedestrian Bridge
    Bridge glazing for roads and highways

  • PALGARD Pedestrian Bridge
    Anti Scratch Safety Glazing

    Driver protection and mass transit windows

  • PALGARD machine guard
    Transparent machine guards

  • PALGARD Helmet
    Wear resistant face shield glazing

  • PALGARD Protective guards and shielding
    Protective guards and shielding


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How to Store Polycarbonate Sheets?
Polycarbonate sheets are tough and durable and guaranteed to last for years.
Here are some tips for storing polycarbonate sheets to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Polycarbonate should be stored horizontally on a flat surface, such as a pallet or a shelf. 
Ensure that no nails or bolts protrude from the platform. Even small rocks can leave permanent dents and scratches on the sheets.
Stack the largest sheets at the bottom, and the shorter, smaller panels on top.
Avoid stepping on polycarbonate panels and placing heavy or sharp equipment on them.
Store the polycarbonate sheet in a dry, cool, ventilated, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
Keep your stack dry to prevent whitening and water spots.
Avoid covering the sheets with dark films or other heat-absorbing materials.
Cover the panels with an opaque, bright, waterproof cover if you intend to leave them outdoors.