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PALGARD offers all the same performance features of our PALSUN polycarbonate—including high impact resistance and excellent UV protection—plus an advanced surface coating that delivers superior abrasion and chemical resistance.  PALGARD excels in resisting vandalism, graffiti spraying, and physical attack. It’s also resilient to a wider variety of chemicals and the increased wear and tear of high traffic areas.
PALGARD is a forced entry grade product, tested to the most stringent industry standards. Specifically, the 3/8” product meets the ASTM F1915-05 level 4 requirements, while the ½” sheet exceeded the minimum requirements for ASTM F1915-05 level 3 standards. PALGARD can also be glass-laminated for ballistic or transportation applications.

  • scratch resistant palgard being used for glass on double doors


Forced-entry grade polycarbonate sheet

Highly resistant to vandalism, scratches & chemicals

High abrasion resistance on 1 or both sides

Virtually unbreakable

High optical clarity

Excellent UV resistance

Lightweight & easy to install



    Combined with its high impact strength, PALGARD excels in resisting vandalism, graffiti spraying and physical attack.

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    Designed to withstand the increased wear and tear of high traffic areas, PALGARD is ideal for use in public space installations, manufacturing environments, highway sound barriers, in addition to protective shielding and glazing applications.

    Typical applications:

    • Safety glazing
    • Security & ballistic resistant glazing
    • Industrial protective shielding
    • Anti-vandal glazing
    • Prison windows
    • Sound barriers
    • Transportation shelters
    • Protective shields and visors
    • Recreational vehicle (ATV, golf carts) glazing

    PALGARD TG is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily service in the transportation & rail industries.

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    Abrasion resistant, optically clear and impact resistant, Palgard TG is engineered for glazing in mass transit applications. Product meets stringent FRA standards for impact, ballistic, and flammability performance.

    Budgets can be made or broken by unplanned maintenance and replacement; PALGARD TG helps to reduce costs and improve in-service availability of railcars.

    Typical applications:

    • Light rail
    • Commuter rail
    • High speed rail
    • Bus glazing


  • Palgard

  • Machine guards

  • UTV

  • Heavy equipment glazing

  • Acoustic barriers

  • Mass transit glazing


  • PALGARD® TG – FRA Cinder Block Drop Test

    Watch the cinder blocked be dropped onto PALGARD TG – proving it’s exceptional impact resistance!

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Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Colors & Finishes
  • Technical Data
Standard PALGARD 
Width X Length In. (mm)48 X 96 (1200 X 2440), 60 X 96 (1524 X 2440)*, 72 X 96 (1830 X 2440 )*
Thicknesses in. (mm).060 - 0.50 (1.5 to 12.7)
Width X Length In. (mm)Thicknesses in. (mm)
48 X 96 (1200 X 2440).236 & .460 (6 & 11.7)
60 X 96 (1524 X 2440)Available upon request.
72 X 96 (1830 X 2440 )Stock levels fluctuate according to market demand.
Colors & Finishes

Clear, Bronze*, & Gray*

* Special dimensions and colors are available, subject to minimum order.

Technical Data

Regulatory Code Compliance Certifications

Standard PALGARD
ANSIZ97.1-09Approved Impact & Weathering
CPSC16 CFR 1201Category I or II
ASTMF1915-05Level 4 (3/8" thickness)
Level 3 (1/2" thickness)
ASTMD635-10Class CC1 and/or HB

*Depends on thickness

FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)49 CFR Part 238, App. B (ASTM E162)Is ≤ 100
FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)49 CFR Part 238, App. B (ASTM E662)Ds (4.0) ≤ 200
FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)49 CFR Part 223 (Ballistic .22 LR)Pass
FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)49 CFR Part 223 (Impact, Type I & II)Pass
NFPANFPA 130Is ≤ 100

Ds (1.5) ≤ 100 Ds (4.0) ≤ 200
ANSIZ26.1-96AS-4, AS-4A, AS-5, and AS-12
BoeingBSS 7239Approved
ASTMD635 (Horizontal Burn, AEB)<1 in.

*Depends on thickness

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