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Polycarbonate construction

Forestry & Construction Polycarbonate for Machinery & More

Delivering extreme impact strength and visibility benefits to heavy equipment

Logging and construction sites are inherently at risk of exposure to health and safety challenges resulting from hazardous conditions. Heavy equipment operators require exceptional visibility and protection from heat, dust, and large objects that may enter a vehicle, such as tree branches and rock debris. Our polycarbonate solutions for forestry and construction are used in operator cabs and interiors for areas including window glazing, helping to provide operators advanced security and a clear view of the site.


Palram polycarbonate also helps eliminate excess noise created by surrounding machinery. It saves energy costs by transmitting light in the cabin while reducing heat build-up, provides long-lasting weatherability & UV protection, and doesn’t spall. And, both traditional and glazed polycarbonate are just a fraction of the weight of glass yet 20 times as strong, making it the top choice for vehicles requiring high impact strength and glass-like clarity with unobstructed sightlines.