Polycarbonate coils for high yield, impact resistance, illumination & UV protection

Virtually unbreakable, sign makers value the high impact strength of our PALSUN CS polycarbonate versus standard and impact modified acrylic for flat and formed sign faces. Its durability minimizes breakage during fabrication, shipping and installation, even in low temperature extremes. Offering maximum efficiency, PALSUN CS provides sign makers and printers flexibility and yield advantages because sheets can be cut at any desired length, right off the coil.

PALSUN Sign-Grade White reels offer superior diffusion and illumination with unmatched hiding power for backlit LED applications. Clear offers glass-like transparency and comes with a 10-year warranty against yellow­ing and breakage. Both deliver optimal surface consistency as well as UV and chemical resistance.

Manufactured using the latest extrusion technology, PALSUN CS is available in a range of thicknesses, coil widths as well as flat sheet sizes. PALSUN meets UL879 for electrical sign components and is listed in the Sign Components Manual (SAM).


An ideal alternative to acrylic and glass

High impact resistance

Ideal for use as safety glazing or vandalism protection

High optical clarity

Clear options for high light transmission

Widest service temperature range of any plastic substrate

Versatile, formable, and machinable

More flame resistance than acrylic


  • Backlit thermoformed signage

  • Superb light diffusion & whiteness

  • Excellent vacuum definition

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Colors & Finishes
  • Technical Data
Typical Width Dimensions
Thickness Inches (mm)Weight (lbs./sf)WidthLength (Linear Feet)
0.118" (3mm)0.7441", 55", 67", 78"600
0.118" (3mm)0.74104" untrimmed500
0.150" (3.8mm)0.9441", 55", 67", 78"500
0.150" (3.8mm)0.94104" untrimmed400
0.177" (4.5mm)1.1141", 55", 67", 78"450
0.177" (4.5mm)1.11104" untrimmed350
0.236" (6mm)1.4741", 55", 67", 78"350
0.236" (6mm)1.47104" untrimmed250

* Call to discuss minimum order requirements.

Colors & Finishes
Colors*Clear, Sign White

* Significant minimum order requirements may apply for some colors listed. Custom colors available upon request; please contact your Palram representative or agent for additional details and minimums.

Technical Data
PALSUN UV Series: Regulatory Code Compliance Certification 
ULSAM File # E336663Rigid Sign Face Material
Miami Dade CountyFlorida Building Code (FBC)Approved Plastic
ANSIZ87.1-15Impact and Optical *
ANSIZ97.1-09Impact and Weathering
ICCIBC Section 2606.4Light Trans. Plastic
ICCIBC Section 803.1Interior Finish
CCMCNBC 2015 (Canopy Covering)Compliant (CCMC Eval. Rep. 13450-R)
PALSUN UV Series: Flammability Compliance Certifications  
ULUL 94 - File E221255V-2
ASTMD-635CC1 (AEB<1")
ASTME-84Class A**
ASTMD-2843Smoke Density <75
FAAFAR 25.853(a)Pass ***
PALSUN with FR: Flammability Compliance Certifications  
ASTMD-2863-87L.O.I. = 30
ULUL 94 File E221255V-0
AU1530.3-1982Ignitability Index = 9,Spread of Flame Index = 8, Heat Evolved Index = 10, Smoke Developed Index = 8

*0.40″ only

** 1.5mm thru 3mm Palsun Basic only

*** .060″ only

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