SUNSCAPE® Roof Covering System

Gorgeous aesthetic & all-weather protection

Upgrade a patio, porch, or deck with the modern solution for replacing outdated roofing – meet the SUNSCAPE 3-part residential roofing system.

SUNSCAPE offers a sophisticated, glass-like appearance without the added cost or weight of glass. The glazing panels are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and are available in three colors; clear, translucent white, and transparent grey.

An easy install for any general contractor, SUNSCAPE panels are 2 feet wide and are available in 8, 10, 12, & 16 foot lengths and can be trimmed to fit an existing outdoor roof structure. Now, homeowners can match their new roof covering to their home’s distinctive style!


Learn what makes SUNSCAPE better than competing residential roofing systems

Premium-performing panels are virtually unbreakable

Blocks 99.9% of UV rays

Options that block up to 90% of sunlight

Long-term weather resistance

Easy to install on an existing roof structure

Miami-Dade Product-Control Approved

10-Year Warranty


SUNSCAPE® Applications

Get inspired by these real-life projects

Full 3-Part Roofing System

  • Roof Panel

  • Inner Profile

  • End Profile


Calculate what you need for your roofing project

Enter Your Roof Specs

Panel Length (Select One)

Panel Color (Select One)

Roof Width (Round Up to the Nearest Foot)

What You’ll Need To Order


0Ft Clear Sunscape Panel

Item #173067


0Ft Sunscape Inner Profile Kit

Item #9014683


0Ft Sunscape End Profile Kit

Item #9014681

Order online via Home Depot today, or call your local home improvement retailer for info!

Have you recently completed a roofing project using SUNSCAPE?

We’d love to share what you’ve created!

Have you recently completed a roofing project using SUNSCAPE?

We’d love to share what you’ve created!Submit Photos of Your Project

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