Commercial Greenhouse Coverings
Polycarbonate greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouse Coverings

Polycarbonate coverings and panels for commercial greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouse sheets and panels are equivalent to the performance of glass for light transmission while offering unique advantages in terms of material properties. Weighing just half as much as glass, Palram polycarbonate sheets reduce the amount of required structural members, while also reducing overall maintenance costs.


Palram’s greenhouse solutions also include panels with integrated drip and condensation controls that reduce dripping, resulting in increased protection against common fungal infections, viruses, and bacteria. Controlling condensation also reduces reflectivity, which improves light transmittance. For superior thermal insulation, Palram's polycarbonate multiwall panels are manufactured with a cellular structure that creates insulating air spaces which retain internal heat, thereby reducing overall heating costs.

Control light transmission with SolarSmart technology

SolarSmart technology defies the standard transmission of solar energy.

Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards infrared radiation that creates heat.

Control light transmission with SolarSmart technology


Polycarbonate is inherently susceptible to condensate formation, especially when used to cover enclosed environments. Palram’s solutions for commercial greenhouse coverings are manufactured using a unique process that results in the industry’s first and most extensive 10-year condensate control warranty.


In addition to condensation control, Palram's full range of solutions enable you to better control thermal insulation, light diffusion and light transmission.

Higher Yield and Efficiency

  • Increased yield per hectare
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easier, less frequent maintenance
  • Low usage of chemical fungicides
  • Better Control & Optimization

  • Light transmission and light diffusion
  • Temperature control
  • Employee comfort
  • Weather & Insect Resistance

  • Heat and cold
  • Wind, rain, hail, and snow
  • Insects
  • Fits All Structures

  • Gothic Arch and Quonset Arch
  • Saw Tooth
  • A Frame, Wide Span, and Even Span
  • Retrofitted glasshouses and film greenhouses