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Commercial Greenhouse Coverings

Polycarbonate coverings and panels for commercial greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouse coverings or panels meet the performance of glass in terms of light transmission and thermal insulation; and they also offer much more in terms of material properties. As polycarbonate weighs less than half the weight of glass, both the structural requirements and maintenance costs of Palram’s polycarbonate greenhouse panels are significantly lower. Palram’s polycarbonate greenhouse panels also feature integrated drip and condensation controls that reduce dripping, resulting in a reduced chance of fungal infections, viruses and bacteria. Controlling condensation also reduces reflectivity, which improves light transmittance. Superior thermal insulation can be achieved with multiwall polycarbonate covering sheets. These are built with an insulated honeycomb structure that preserves internal heat and saves on heating costs.

Features growers care about

In general, polycarbonate is inherently susceptible to condensate formation, especially when used to cover enclosed environments such as greenhouses.

SUNTUF Plus and SUNLITE Plus are manufactured using a unique process that results in the industry’s first and most extensive 10-year condensate control warranty. As effective condensate control is such a critical need for greenhouse growers, the “Plus” condensate control feature is now built into every SUNTUF Plus and SUNLITE Plus product.

Why compromise? Balance your thermal insulation & light transmission requirements.


ProductU ValueK ValueLT%Comment
SUNTUF® Plus5.69-5.800.172-0.17520-90Higher light transmission
SUNLITE® Plus1.45-3.500.286-0.6920-80Better thermal insulation
Features growers care about


Palram’s solutions for commercial greenhouse plastic coverings & sheeting offer higher yields and savings to the horticulture market.

Higher yield and efficiency

Increased yield per hectare
Lower energy consumption
Simpler, less frequent maintenance
Low usage of chemical fungicides

Better control & optimization

Light transmission and light diffusion
Temperature control
Employee comfort

Weather Resistance

Heat and cold
Wind, rain, hail and snow

Fits All Structures

Gothic Arch and Quonset Arch
Saw Tooth
A Frame, Wide Span and Even Span
Retrofitted Glasshouses and Film Greenhouses

Cannabis greenhouse

What do growers want?

During daylight cycles, Cannabis greenhouse growers strive for the optimization light transmission and light diffusion.
Opaque walls are desirable for light deprivation cycles and are commonly used at greenhouse sides & end walls.

Collaborating with the world's largest growers and greenhouse builders, we have developed and now provide a package of solutions that wraps the entire growing facility and provides a safe, protected and controlled growing environment.

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Cannabis greenhouse

Control light transmission with SolarSmart technology

Palram uses SolarSmart technology to manufacture sheets that transmit more natural daylight while reflecting infrared radiation that creates heat.

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Control light transmission with SolarSmart technology