Rigid-structured sheets for superior thermal insulation and light transmission

SUNLITE multiwall polycarbonate sheets feature a variety of light transmission options and provide excellent thermal insulation. With at least two walls and connective ribbing, the sheets reduce thermal transfer, delivering a more energy efficient solution than singe-layer sheets.
The unique design of SUNLITE also results in a rigid, impact-resistant sheet that’s significantly lighter in weight than solid polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass sheets.  

Popular applications of SUNLITE include exterior roofing, glazing, wall or building cladding, as well as interior partitions and POP displays.


High thermal insulation

Lighter weight than solid panels

High impact resistance

Available in clear for high light transmission

Excellent structural durability

Blocks virtually all UV rays

Easy to install

High fire rating

10 year limited warranty


  • Warehouse sidelights

  • Office partitions

  • Decorative glazing

  • Pool enclosures

  • Digitally printed partitions

  • Signage & displays

  • Window boarding


File name

Full Roofing System Solution

for Architectural Designs & Projects

Looking for a full roofing solution for an architectural project? Check out the SUNPAL® multiwall polycarbonate standing-seam glazing system!

  • Withstands very high loads
  • Leak-proof performance
  • Fast and easy install 
  • Used in commercial projects across the globe

Product Details

  • Dimensions & Product Range
  • Colors & Finishes
  • Technical Data
Dimensions & Product Range
Product Range
Sunlite®Standard sheet with UV protection on one side
Sunlite® UV2UV protection on both sides
Sunlite® MLMulti-layered color combinations for special designs
Sunlite® Solar ControlSolar metallic reflective heat blocking sheet
Sunlite® SLTHeat blocking and anti-condensation for garden centers
Sunlite® CLHeat blocking sheet for architectural applications
Sunlite® SmartSee-through sheet with advanced heat-blocking

For commercial greenhouse anti-condensate panels, see Thermaglas. 

StructureThickness (mm)Area Weight (Kg/m²)U-Value (W/m² °K)Widths (mm) (*USA only)
Twin Wall40.83.8980, 1050, 1200, 1220*, 1830, 2100
Twin Wall4.51.03.7980, 1050, 1200, 1830, 2100
Twin Wall61.33.5980, 1050, 1200, 1220*, 1830, 2100
Twin Wall81.53.3980, 1050, 1200, 1220*, 1830, 2100
Twin Wall101.72.9980, 1050, 1200, 1220*, 1830, 2100
Triple Wall81.73.01830, 2100
Triple Wall102.02.71830, 2100
Triple Wall162.72.3980, 1050, 1200, 1220*, 1250, 1600, 1800, 1830, 2100
X-Lite162.52.1980, 1050, 1220*, 1250, 1600, 1800, 2100
X-Lite253.41.7980, 1050, 1220*, 1250, 1600, 1800, 2100
X-Lite323.71.6980, 1050, 1220*, 1250, 1600, 1800, 2100
X-Lite353.91.5980, 1050, 1250, 1600, 1800, 2100
X-Lite404.11.41600, 1800, 2100
V-Structure404.01.351600, 1800, 2100

*USA only

Colors & Finishes
ProductLT %SHGC
Twin Wall 4mm Clear82%0.83
Twin Wall 4mm Bronze35%0.48
Twin Wall 4mm White Opal30%0.30
Twin Wall 4mm White Diffuser
Twin Wall 4mm Green**35%0.54
Twin Wall 4mm Blue**30%0.71
Twin Wall 4mm Bronze/Opal
Twin Wall 4mm Solar Control / Opal
Twin Wall 4mm Solar Ice
Twin Wall 4mm Solar Control*30%
Twin Wall 4mm Infa-Red CL
Twin Wall 4mm Infa-Red SLT
Twin Wall 4mm Smart Green
Twin Wall 4.5mm Clear82%
Twin Wall 4.5mm Bronze35%
Twin Wall 4.5mm White Opal30%
Twin Wall 4.5mm White Diffuser
Twin Wall 4.5mm Green**35%
Twin Wall 4.5mm Blue**30%
Twin Wall 4.5mm Bronze/Opal
Twin Wall 4.5mm Solar Control / Opal
Twin Wall 4.5mm Solar Ice
Twin Wall 4.5mm Solar Control*30%
Twin Wall 4.5mm Infa-Red CL
Twin Wall 4.5mm Infa-Red SLT
Twin Wall 4.5mm Smart Green
Twin Wall 6mm Clear80%0.82
Twin Wall 6mm Bronze35%0.55
Twin Wall 6mm White Opal20%0.24
Twin Wall 6mm White Diffuser0.24
Twin Wall 6mm Green**35%0.51
Twin Wall 6mm Blue**30%0.66
Twin Wall 6mm Bronze/Opal
Twin Wall 6mm Solar Control / Opal
Twin Wall 6mm Solar Ice30%0.41
Twin Wall 6mm Solar Control*30%0.41
Twin Wall 6mm Infa-Red CL
Twin Wall 6mm Infa-Red SLT
Twin Wall 6mm Smart Green
Twin Wall 8mm Clear80%0.81
Twin Wall 8mm Bronze35%0.47
Twin Wall 8mm White Opal18% / 35%0.30 / 0.35
Twin Wall 8mm White Diffuser0.35
Twin Wall 8mm Green**35%
Twin Wall 8mm Blue**30%0.67
Twin Wall 8mm Bronze/Opal
Twin Wall 8mm Solar Control / Opal
Twin Wall 8mm Solar Ice0.39
Twin Wall 8mm Solar Control*25%0.36
Twin Wall 8mm Infa-Red CL45%34
Twin Wall 8mm Infa-Red SLT60%0.55
Twin Wall 8mm Smart Green
Twin Wall 10mm Clear79%0.81
Twin Wall 10mm Bronze35%0.55
Twin Wall 10mm White Opal30%0.40
Twin Wall 10mm White Diffuser
Twin Wall 10mm Green**35%0.59
Twin Wall 10mm Blue**30%0.68
Twin Wall 10mm Bronze/Opal
Twin Wall 10mm Solar Control / Opal
Twin Wall 10mm Solar Ice0.35
Twin Wall 10mm Solar Control*25%0.36
Twin Wall 10mm Infa-Red CL
Twin Wall 10mm Infa-Red SLT60%
Twin Wall 10mm Smart Green
Triple Wall 8mm Clear76%
Triple Wall 8mm Bronze35%
Triple Wall 8mm White Opal48%
Triple Wall 8mm White Diffuser
Triple Wall 8mm Green**35%
Triple Wall 8mm Blue**30%
Triple Wall 8mm Bronze/Opal
Triple Wall 8mm Solar Control / Opal
Triple Wall 8mm Solar Ice
Triple Wall 8mm Solar Control*25%
Triple Wall 8mm Infa-Red CL
Triple Wall 8mm Infa-Red SLT
Triple Wall 8mm Smart Green
Triple Wall 10mm Clear76%
Triple Wall 10mm Bronze35%
Triple Wall 10mm White Opal48%
Triple Wall 10mm White Diffuser
Triple Wall 10mm Green**35%
Triple Wall 10mm Blue**30%
Triple Wall 10mm Bronze/Opal
Triple Wall 10mm Solar Control / Opal
Triple Wall 10mm Solar Ice
Triple Wall 10mm Solar Control*25%
Triple Wall 10mm Infa-Red CL
Triple Wall 10mm Infa-Red SLT
Triple Wall 10mm Smart Green
Triple Wall 16mm Clear76%0.77
Triple Wall 16mm Bronze35%0.58
Triple Wall 16mm White Opal
Triple Wall 16mm White Diffuser0.480.53
Triple Wall 16mm Green**35%
Triple Wall 16mm Blue**30%0.66
Triple Wall 16mm Bronze/Opal
Triple Wall 16mm Solar Control / Opal
Triple Wall 16mm Solar Ice0.35
Triple Wall 16mm Solar Control*25%0.36
Triple Wall 16mm Infa-Red CL
Triple Wall 16mm Infa-Red SLT
Triple Wall 16mm Smart Green
X-Lite 16mm Clear60%0.61
X-Lite 16mm Bronze25%0.49
X-Lite 16mm White Opal0.40
X-Lite 16mm White Diffuser0.38
X-Lite 16mm Green**35%0.49
X-Lite 16mm Blue**0.51
X-Lite 16mm Bronze/Opal
X-Lite 16mm Solar Control / Opal
X-Lite 16mm Solar Ice0.29
X-Lite 16mm Solar Control*18%0.25
X-Lite 16mm Infa-Red CL30%25
X-Lite 16mm Infa-Red SLT
X-Lite 16mm Smart Green
V-Structure 16mm Clear63%
V-Structure 16mm Bronze
V-Structure 16mm White Opal
V-Structure 16mm White Diffuser
V-Structure 16mm Green**
V-Structure 16mm Blue**
V-Structure 16mm Bronze/Opal
V-Structure 16mm Solar Control / Opal
V-Structure 16mm Solar Ice
V-Structure 16mm Solar Control*
V-Structure 16mm Infa-Red CL
V-Structure 16mm Infa-Red SLT
V-Structure 16mm Smart Green
X-Lite 25mm Clear60%0.65
X-Lite 25mm Bronze25%0.42
X-Lite 25mm White Opal15%0.32
X-Lite 25mm White Diffuser
X-Lite 25mm Green**
X-Lite 25mm Blue**
X-Lite 25mm Bronze/Opal10%0.22
X-Lite 25mm Solar Control / Opal5%0.22
X-Lite 25mm Solar Ice20%
X-Lite 25mm Solar Control*
X-Lite 25mm Infa-Red CL20%16
X-Lite 25mm Infa-Red SLT
X-Lite 25mm Smart Green42%35
X-Lite 32mm Clear58%0.66
X-Lite 32mm Bronze20%0.42
X-Lite 32mm White Opal15%
X-Lite 32mm White Diffuser
X-Lite 32mm Green**
X-Lite 32mm Blue**
X-Lite 32mm Bronze/Opal10%0.30
X-Lite 32mm Solar Control / Opal5%0.22
X-Lite 32mm Solar Ice20%
X-Lite 32mm Solar Control*
X-Lite 32mm Infa-Red CL20%16
X-Lite 32mm Infa-Red SLT
X-Lite 32mm Smart Green42%35
X-Lite 35mm Clear57%0.59
X-Lite 35mm Bronze20%0.36
X-Lite 35mm White Opal15%
X-Lite 35mm White Diffuser
X-Lite 35mm Green**
X-Lite 35mm Blue**
X-Lite 35mm Bronze/Opal10%0.30
X-Lite 35mm Solar Control / Opal5%0.22
X-Lite 35mm Solar Ice20%
X-Lite 35mm Solar Control*
X-Lite 35mm Infa-Red CL20%16
X-Lite 35mm Infa-Red SLT
X-Lite 35mm Smart Green42%35
X-Lite 40mm Clear57%0.52
X-Lite 40mm Bronze20%0.36
X-Lite 40mm White Opal15%
X-Lite 40mm White Diffuser
X-Lite 40mm Green**
X-Lite 40mm Blue**
X-Lite 40mm Bronze/Opal
X-Lite 40mm Solar Control / Opal
X-Lite 40mm Solar Ice
X-Lite 40mm Solar Control*
X-Lite 40mm Infa-Red CL
X-Lite 40mm Infa-Red SLT
X-Lite 40mm Smart Green

*ASTM D-1003

**Blue, Green and Solar Control sheets are produced per order

Technical Data
Regulatory Code Compliance Certification 
ICC (International Code Council)IBC-2012 (Light Transmitting Plastic)ESR-1893
NRC-CNRCCanadian NBC 2015 (Canopy Covering)CCMC Evaluation Report 13450-R
Flammability Related (Product Specific)
ASTME-84Class A*

*Depends on thickness

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