Ballistic Protection

Bullet-Resistant Polycarbonate Panels & Sheets

Bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheets for governmental, institutional, and commercial shielding applications

Palram bullet-resistant polycarbonate delivers superior attack and ballistic protection against the toughest threat levels, helping architects, engineers, and owner-operators protect valuable assets. In industrial environments, the reinforced panels prevent workers and bystanders from dangers related to equipment failure. In high-security areas such banks, jewelry shops, and government buildings containing private data, the panels help inhibit unlawful entry while also allowing building occupants to get to safety in the event of forced entry.


Available in a range of custom sizes and thicknesses, our panels are made from a relatively lightweight material that can be modified onsite.


Our polycarbonate bullet-resistant panels are made of non-spalling material, and are compliant with UL-752 levels 1-6 and continue to provide visibility even after being damaged, unlike glass.

PALSHIELD combines aesthetics with functionality. By integrating a high level of light transmission with transparency, the polycarbonate panels create a welcoming interior space allowing guests and customers to feel comfortable while in a secured location. Moreover, the panels are scratch-resistant and ensure long-term appearance and durability in high-traffic environments.