transit glazing windows

Polycarbonate Transportation Plastic for Automotive, Trains & More

Optically clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate glazing for the transportation industry

Mass transit agencies depend on high-performance materials to provide the fuel efficiency and safety required to withstand the rigors of daily vehicle service. Our lightweight, easy-to-fabricate polycarbonate sheets meet transportation industry requirements for flame, smoke, and toxicity specifications, as well as deliver protection against security threats and vandalism.


Vehicular applications such as UTVs, boats, and golf carts are typically not governed by rigid code standards–they just need a high-impact windscreen or window with a high degree of clarity. Palram's PALSUN UV series makes a perfect entry-level product for these applications, offering features ranging from high strength to weight ratio to long-lasting protection against yellowing. For more demanding structures like rail cars and heavy construction vehicles, our PALGARD or PALGARD TG sheets with advanced surface coating provide extraordinary impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance properties that help eliminate unplanned maintenance and replacement.


Palram polycarbonate is specifically developed to satisfy the most stringent FRA & DOT requirements:

  • ANSI Z26.1: Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles & Equipment Operating on Land Highways
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 205
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 302
  • FRA Type I and II Impact Resistance
  • ASTM E162 and E662 Flammability and Smoke Generation
  • Boeing BSS 7239 Toxic Gas Generation
  • ASTM E1354 Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates