Widest range of flat polycarbonate roof panels, glazing, and sign & display solutions

Often used in place of glass for its significantly higher durability & lower weight, PALSUN offers extraordinary impact resistance and options that range from clear to shaded–in a variety of light transmissions, with or without diffusion to fit any project. Palram’s advanced SolarSmart™ tints offer the full power of selective solar control technology in a polycarbonate sheet.

Virtually unbreakable and easily formable, PALSUN is often used as vehicle shields, safety & security glazing, architectural roofing, machine guards, sound barriers, and many other industrial applications. High impact strength, machinability, and excellent ink adhesion make PALSUN uniquely suited for digital prints, thermoformed signs, and backlit and illuminated signage.

Millions of square feet of our general purpose and co-extruded UV protected sheets are installed around the globe.


An ideal alternative to acrylic and glass

Ideal for use as safety glazing or vandalism protection

Up to 90% Light Transmission

High resistance to harsh weather and temperatures

Easy to fabricate & form

Virtually unbreakable

UV resistant

PALSUN Options

  • Sheets

    Polycarbonate sheets for glazing projects, safety & security, industrial applications

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    PALSUN Sheets

    Typical applications:

    • Safety glazing, skylights
    • Outdoor walkways, canopies and transit shelters
    • Machine guards
    • Fabricated parts
    • Anti-smash & grab retail displays
    • Face shields, visors & windshields
    • Protective screens/barriers
    • Acoustic barriers
    • Interior partitions
    • Domes
  • Coil Stock

    Polycarbonate coils for high yield, impact resistance, illumination & UV protection

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    PALSUN Coils

    Typical applications:

    • Exterior flat & thermoformed sign faces
    • Channel letters, menu boards
    • Electrical & backlit signs
    • Thermoformed, vacuum-formed, bent, and fabricated items
    Palsun Coil Stock CS
  • Coated & Laminated

    Polycarbonate solutions for vehicle windshields & glazing in boats, trains, buses, military vehicles & more

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    Coated & laminated options

    Find the right solution for your project:

    • For high abrasion resistance & forced-entry grade level protection, see PALGARD
    • For ballistic-grade polycarbonate for high-security applications, see PALSHIELD

Applications & ideal uses for PALSUN polycarbonate

  • Covered Walkway

  • Thermoformed Sign Faces

  • Recreational Safety Barriers

  • Security shields

  • Roof Glazing

  • Vehicle Shields

  • Basketball Backboards

  • Shade 3 & Shade 5 Welding Masks


  • PALSUN VS Acrylic Ball Drop Impact Test

    Watch the 5 LB Steel ball smash test to see the virtually unbreakable PALSUN in action.

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File name

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Colors & Finishes
  • Technical Data
Product Range
BasicPalsun® Basic™UV Stabilized general purpose polycarbonate sheet
UVPalsun® UV1Co-extruded UV protection on one side for exterior applications
UVPalsun® UV2Co-extruded UV protection on both sides for exterior applications
UVPalsun® Embossed*Embossed surface (E102, prismatic, hair cell)
UVPalsun® FR*Fire retardant, with higher fire resistant rating
UVPalsun® Matte*Matte finish on one side
UVPalsun® SG WhiteHigh diffusion for sign grade applications
UVPalsun® CSCoil stock on rolls (Clear and SG White standard)
UVPalsun® FoamFlat foamed polycarbonate sheet, UV protected on one side
Solar Smart UVPalsun® Solar Control*Efficient heat-blocking with metallic appearance
Solar Smart UVPalsun® Smart*See-through sheet with advanced heat-blocking
SpecialtyPalsun® Basic FR**Fire retardant, with elevated Relative Thermal Index (RTI) values
SpecialtyPalsun® OGOptical grade sheet
SpecialtyPalgard®Abrasion resistant on one or both sides
SpecialtyPalgard® TGTransportation grade (meets specific transportation codes)
SpecialtyPalshield™Containment and bullet resistant glazing
SpecialtyPalsun® IRClear, Anti-fog, Shade 3 & Shade 5 polycarbonate for face shields

*With co-extruded UV protection on one or both sides

** Available in 2mm and 2.36mm for applications without direct UV exposure

Typical Width Dimensions
Available Widths x Lengths
48" X 96", 60" x 96", 72" x 96" and 80" x 120"
Available Thicknesses
0.03" to 0.50"

* Call to discuss minimum order requirements.

Colors & Finishes
Transparent Colors:
Clear, Solar Grey, Bronze, Red, Blue, Green and Smart Green**
Translucent Colors
Yellow, Red, Mint Green, White Opal (11-50% LT), White Diffuser (11-50%LT), Palsun SG, Solar Ice, Solar Olympic** and Solar Control**
Opaque Colors
Red Brick, Black, Dark Blue, Cream (RAL 9001), Light Gray (RAL 7035), Dark Gray, Brown and Off White

* Significant minimum order requirements may apply for some colors listed. Custom colors available upon request; please contact your Palram representative or agent for additional details and minimums.

Technical Data
PALSUN UV Series: Regulatory Code Compliance Certification 
ULSAM File # E336663Rigid Sign Face Material
Miami Dade CountyFlorida Building Code (FBC)Approved Plastic
ANSIZ97.1-09Impact and Weathering
ANSIZ87.1-15Impact and Optical*
ICCIBC Section 2606.4Light Trans. Plastic
ICCIBC Section 803.1Interior Finish
CCMCNBC 2010 (Canopy Covering)Compliant (CCMC Eval. Rep. 13450-R)
PALSUN UV Series: Flammability Compliance Certifications  
ULUL 94 - File e221255V-2
ASTMD-635CC1 (AEB <1")
ASTME-84Class A**
ASTMD2843Smoke Density <75***
FAAFAR 25.853(a)Pass***
PALSUN with FR: Flammability Compliance Certifications  
ASTMD-2863-87L.O.I. = 30
ULUL 94 - File E221255V-0
AU1530.3-1982Ignitability Index = 9,Spread of Flame Index = 8, Heat Evolved Index = 10, Smoke Developed Index = 8

*0.40″ only

** 1.5mm thru 3mm Palsun Basic only

*** .060″ only

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