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Sunlite Ploycarbonate
Sunlite DIY
Sunlite DIY
Sunlite DIY


Rigid-structured sheets with a variety of light transmission options & excellent thermal insulation

Upgrade your outdoor living space with SUNLITE, a sleek, tough and aesthetically appealing polycarbonate. While the outside surface offers the smooth, clean lines of a flat sheet, the multiwall cellular structure creates an insulating air space that dramatically increases its insulation characteristics. This results in substantially better energy efficiency than single-layer sheet. Lighter weight than corrugated polycarbonate and significantly lighter than glass, SUNLITE is easy to handle and install for any DIY project, such as patio coverings, privacy partitions, backyard animal shelters, greenhouses and more.  SUNLITE easily withstands snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. And with up to 20 times more impact resistance than fiberglass, it offers the best hail protection available for your outdoor space.

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