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Are PALIGHT and PALBOARD sheets suitable for outdoor use?
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Yes, both PALIGHT foamed PVC sheets and PALBOARD multylayered sheets are suitable for outdoor use. However, it's essential to select the appropriate thickness and grade for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

Are PVC sheets recyclable?
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All of Palram's PVC sheets are REACH and RoHS compliant, and are 100% recyclable.
Depending on local regulations and facilities, recycling options may vary. It is possible to recycle PVC sheets mechanically or chemically.
Because of its recyclable properties, it can be reformed into new products.
While minimising environmental impact, this increases the product's life cycle and reduces waste.

Are PVC sheets water-resistant and chemical-resistant?
+ -

Yes, PVC sheets are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals. They can withstand rain and repeated cleaning without warping or cracking.

Are there customized sizes of BULLETPROOF sheets?
+ -

Yes, BULLETPROOF is available in custom sheets of up to four square meters.

Can flat solid polycarbonate be installed in a similar manner to glass in curtain wall applications?
+ -

PALSUN can be installed with standard curtain wall aluminum glazing profiles and EPDM gaskets (similar to glass), or spider fixing spaced with approximately 400 mm centers. However, it cannot be used with structural silicone and PALGARD (PALSUN) with anti-scratch coating is the recommended substitute in this case.

Can I cover my old polyethylene greenhouse with polycarbonate while still keeping the old structure?
+ -

Yes, but with minor reinforcements to the structure in order to support the load.

Can I install corrugated PVC and polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
+ -

Yes. Make sure you start installing from the bottom up so the overlaps will not let the water in.

Can I install multiwall polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
+ -

No. The multiwall channels should always be vertical to allow condensation water to drain out by gravity.

Can I install PALRUF corrugated PVC and SUNTUF corrugated polycarbonate sheets horizontally for siding?
+ -

Yes. Make sure you start installing from the bottom up so overlaps prevent water from penetrating indoors.

Can I retrofit my old glass house with polycarbonate sheets?
+ -

Yes, Palram's MetalMatch technology enables us to create a covering that will fit any existing structure without requiring any additions.

Can I step on SUNTUF skylights during or after installation?
+ -

Although SUNTUF is remarkably strong and can support extreme loads, for your safety, do not stand directly on the sheets. If it can’t be avoided, use stepping ladders, platforms or crawling boards.

Can I use clear PVC corrugated sheets for skylights?
+ -

Clear corrugated PVC sheets can function as skylights incorporated into metal or other types of roofing. Note that this is only suitable for areas with cold climates.

Can I use multiwall polycarbonate sheets as a skylight combined with a metal roof?
+ -

Yes, you can by using domes or glazing solutions. Please contact Palram technical support for further information.

Can I use PALRUF clear PVC corrugated sheets for industrial skylights?
+ -

PALRUF is an excellent skylight panel. It can overlap corrugated metal sheets and other types of corrugated roofing panels. PALRUF skylights are resistant to chemicals and fumes, and are an ideal solution for the chemical industry.

Can polycarbonate light transmittance be degraded over time?
+ -

SUNTUF roofing sheets are made with a UV protection layer. This layer protects the sheets from UV radiation harm and maintains light transmittance and quality for many years.

Can PVC foam sheets and PALBOARD panels be routed?
+ -

PALBOARD and PALIGHT sheets can be routed using multi-fluted carbide tools on standard woodworking routers. Standard tools and machines can be used without altering equipment. Adjust feed and speed rates as needed to achieve the most precise edge finish.
Using standard milling machines, follow these guidelines:
Relief angle: 5° to 10°
Rake angle: -10° to 0°
Cutting speed: up to 18,000 RPM
Cutting feed: 0.3-0.5 mm / revolution

Can SUNLITE multiwall polycarbonate sheets be bent into arches?
+ -

SUNLITE sheets may be cold bent or curved. There is only one rule: stay within the allowed arch radius. Curving SUNLITE sheets beyond the permitted radius induces undue stresses and strains, causing premature failure.
The minimum bending radius is determined by the cell structure and thickness.
For example, the allowed bending radius of SUNLITE 8mm twin-wall is 1,400mm, while the allowed bending radius of SUNLITE 25mm X-Lite is 5,000mm.
The SUNLITE Technical Guide in the downloads section contains a detailed Arching Radius table for the complete SUNLITE range.

Can SUNTUF corrugated polycarbonate or PALRUF PVC sheets be bent into arches?
+ -

Corrugated plastic sheets are tough and flexible. You can easily bend them to a curved roof without losing material integrity. There is only one rule: stay within the allowed arch radius. 
In simple terms, an arc is a segment of a circle, and its radius is equal to its circle's radius. 
Your sheet's minimum bending radius is determined by its profile (corrugation) and thickness.
Typical DIY polycarbonate corrugated sheets can bend to an arc radius of 4,000mm. Some of the more robust sheets require a minimum radius of 7,000mm. Check the specs of your sheeting to be sure.

Can the percentage of light transmission be controlled? I need a lot of light but I need it to be diffused.
+ -

Palram offers various LT% parameters - from 0% to 90%. In addition, we offer a color called a “diffuser” that allows 85% of the light in while diffusing it by 100%. The result is a light-transmitting panel that is not transparent but is highly translucent.

Do Palram’s animal covering and cladding solutions have thermal insulation properties?
+ -

All of Palram's animal covering & cladding solutions have superior thermal insulation properties compared to metal coverings.