Safety & Security Glazing
PALGARD™ Pedestrian Bridge Glazing in Denver, Colorado, USA

Polycarbonate Security Window Glazing Solutions

Durable and lightweight polycarbonate security glazing for impact and abrasion resistance

PALRAM offers durable and lightweight polycarbonate armored glazing solutions that are resistant to repeated impact and abrasion, while still maintaining visibility. These crack-proof and shatterproof glazing solutions are ideal for environments that are prone to security breaches and violence. In addition, they are available in two product variations to ensure maximum flexibility - PALSUN, which is an impact-resistant material and PALGARD, which is both impact and abrasion-resistant.

Transparent and protective glazing

Some environments require both transparent and protective surfaces. For example schools and bus stations that are often vandalized; bank teller booths and prison interview rooms; homes and businesses in hurricane-prone areas that need to resist strong winds and the impact of debris. These environments require windows that are both transparent for full visibility, but also resistant to safety, security and environmental threats.

Transparent and protective glazing