An Expansion-free, Large Span Architectural Polycarbonate Roof System

SUNTUF Stadia is a robust and durable polycarbonate panel roofing system. Engineered for large roof spans, high loads, and challenging requirements. SUNTUF Stadia is an excellent choice for architectural projects such as sports stadiums, arenas, and concert halls. Natural daylight is diffused through the system’s lightweight, durable, and impact resistant polycarbonate panels. Expansion-free sliding mechanism allows thermal movement and provides design flexibility.  Seamless radial roof structures can be accommodated with modular system components.


Provides natural daylight and weather protection. While maintaining strength and durability.

Structural Strength & Load Baring

Durable & Reliable

Complete System Components

Free Thermal Expansion

Optimized Daylight

Lightweight & Easy to Install


SUNTUF Stadia roofing system provides natural daylight in stadiums, arenas, and large open-air structures.
  • Radial and unique roof shapes

  • Arena and stadium roofing

  • Wide span stadium canopies

  • Stadium inner ring canopy

  • Daylight open-air canopies

  • Heavy-duty roof structures

  • Sport facilities & training grounds

Colour Swatch

Natural daylight for a better spectators’ experience and pitch grass growth.
  • Clear

    87% light transmission

  • White Opal

    45% light transmission

  • White Diffused

    85% light transmission

  • Solar Control

    20% light transmission


SUNTUF Stadia polycarbonate large span roofing system: Embrace design freedom with our team.
  • Anshun Sports Center, China

    SUNTUF Stadia expansion waterproof polycarbonate roofing system

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  • Aviva Dublin Arena

    Challenging engineering. Unique architectural design. Palram meets the challenge.

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  • Freedom in Design

    Comprehensive solutions for architects and builders. Palram Architectural Projects Center.

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Show FAQs
How to Store Polycarbonate Sheets
Polycarbonate sheets are tough and durable and guaranteed to last for years.
Here are some tips for storing polycarbonate sheets to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Polycarbonate should be stored horizontally on a flat surface, such as a pallet or a shelf. 
Ensure that no nails or bolts protrude from the platform. Even small rocks can leave permanent dents and scratches on the sheets.
Stack the largest sheets at the bottom, and the shorter, smaller panels on top.
Avoid stepping on polycarbonate panels and placing heavy or sharp equipment on them.
Store the polycarbonate sheet in a dry, cool, ventilated, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
Keep your stack dry to prevent whitening and water spots.
Avoid covering the sheets with dark films or other heat-absorbing materials.
Cover the panels with an opaque, bright, waterproof cover if you intend to leave them outdoors.
What Is the Right Saw for Cutting SUNTUF Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets?
Safety First: Protect yourself by using professional equipment, keeping your surroundings neat and tidy, and using tools with caution and care.
Power tools
Circular table saws are the most efficient and accurate way to cut plastic sheets. This option, however, is rarely available on home improvement sites.
A portable fine-toothed circular saw is ideal for cutting on-site. High blade speed and moderate feeding rate will give you the best results.
A jigsaw also produces clean, accurate cuts, but requires better control. It is most suitable for cutting complex shapes and curved lines
Manual tools
Working with manual tools is time-consuming, but it reduces the possibility of sheet damage.
Manual handsaws with fine teeth provide accuracy and control.
Hand tools such as tin snips, scissors, or even a utility knife are useful when working with thin polycarbonate sheets or for making small notches.
Additional tools
You will need a flat, stable workbench to work on.
To set guidelines, you will need a tape measure, a ruler, and a marking pen.
Can I step on SUNTUF skylights during or after installation?

Although SUNTUF is remarkably strong and can support extreme loads, for your safety, do not stand directly on the sheets. If it can’t be avoided, use stepping ladders, platforms or crawling boards.

Can polycarbonate light transmittance be degraded over time?

SUNTUF roofing sheets are made with a UV protection layer. This layer protects the sheets from UV radiation harm and maintains light transmittance and quality for many years.